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Microsoft Teams Support Services

Our Microsoft Teams Support Service Offering can help your users get the support they need. 

Microsoft Teams Support Services

We can support your users by offering the following menu of services: 

End User Support

Centric is ready to pick up the phone to answer your end user’s specific questions about Teams features and functions.

Our team will integrate with your existing support process and policies allowing us to take on direct support of your Teams related questions. This includes seamless integration between your ticketing system and ours.

Usage Reporting

Centric can produce the needed usage statistics necessary to understand how your employees are utilizing Teams many features.

These analytics are used to understand how broadly the application is being adopted by your user population. Additionally, Centric will provide regular interpretation of the metrics and offer suggestions on how adoption and performance can be improved. 

Post Adoption Support

Our experience shows that a proper post-adoption support strategy will greatly increase Teams satisfaction and adoption.

Centric can provide online FAQs, training, guidelines, and workshops necessary to grow adoption and meet the needs of an increasingly engaged user base.

Teams Communication Approach

Our support team can handle communications between your IT function and Microsoft to your end-user population.

Examples include notifications of upcoming releases and features, emergency notifications, planned outage notifications, and issue escalation strategy and approach.

Governance Oversight & Compliance Monitoring

New users typically struggle to understand how to practically adhere to established governance policies.

Compliance questions are also high on a new users list of concerns. Our support team will be fully trained on your policies to ensure we can accurately guide them in the proper usage of the Teams platform.


Get the Inside Track on Microsoft Teams

In our ebook, The Inside Track on Microsoft Teams: Your Formula for a Winning Security & Governance Strategy, learn how to achieve a better return on investment, by introducing a clear strategy for security, as well as a governance plan that ensures the application is well-tuned to the needs of your organization.

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Our Microsoft Teams COVID-19 related services can ensure minimal business disruption to your organization in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it is critical to provide flexible work locations and tools so your team can safely continue serving client needs. Learn more about all of our COVID-19 services here.

Office 365 Feature Deployment

If you’re already using part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, we can help you implement and optimize the features you’re already licensed for but not currently using. Our experts will define requirements, configure and deploy additional features and workloads within Office 365.

We can help you take full advantage of your investment in Office 365 by facilitating the adoption of new features through immersion events, change management and training. 

Teams Mobile Device Enablement

Our Microsoft Teams experts provide a recommended approach for securely enabling the Teams application on employee mobile devices.

We ensure a proper approach to authentication and authorization while considering existing mobile device management policies.

Teams Training

We can conduct user-focused Microsoft Teams training that allows for rapid utilization and adoption of the tool. We provide “train the trainer” services as well as workshop-based remote training to internal groups.

Admins receive training to ensure proper governance, security, best practices and adoption of Teams.

Teams Rapid Deployment

We can efficiently deploy Microsoft Teams in your organization in three weeks. Ensuring a secure platform and focusing on communication and collaboration for remote, home or in-office use.

Teams Support Services

We deliver support for clients using Microsoft Teams, from Tier 1 (end-user) to Tier 2 (technical user). Get all of your basic questions answered on how to use Teams properly, be coached on best practices, and have features fully explained.

Our teams provide technical support for back-end administrators, address compliance issues, handle system administration, and address IT questions on Teams tenant monitoring and management.

Office 365 Analytics & Teams Monitoring

Once you are up and running with Teams, you’ll want to monitor employee activity to ensure proper usage, compliance, collaboration, and system performance.

Our experts apply existing Teams analytics to determine the effective use and adoption of collaboration tools and offer advice on third-party tools that enhance Office 365 monitoring capabilities. We deliver guidance and reporting on effective collaboration.

Teams Managed Services Support

Our experts provide Microsoft Teams administration, reporting, technical support, request and issue management.

Managed Services Support is offered through direct contact to a Teams analyst via Teams-based audio attendant and call queue functionality, as well as through our designated support staff through email and ticket submission tools.

We will take care of escalating any issues to Microsoft. Our team will communicate status, reporting and outages to you with a client-facing dashboard. We will provide your leadership with quarterly reporting and road mapping. Multiple pricing plans are available.

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