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How to Add Members to a Microsoft Teams Channel in Four Easy Steps

In this article, you'll learn how to quickly bulk load members into a Microsoft Teams channel with four easy-to-follow steps.

An Antidote to Talent Attrition: Microsoft Viva’s Employee Experience Platform Webinar Recap

We hosted a webinar where our Modern Workplace expert introduced Microsoft Viva, a set of employee connection, insight, purpose and growth modules.

Blog Series: Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers

Microsoft Teams simplifies manufacturing processes and improves company communication with frontline workers.

Improving Healthcare for People Experiencing Homelessness with Microsoft 365 and Teams

How Centric Consulting’s Modern Workplace team and National Healthcare Practice helped a nonprofit organization better serve the unhoused.

Microsoft Teams and Frontline Workers: Overcoming Roadblocks to a Successful Deployment

In our final blog in our Microsoft Teams for frontline workers series, we discuss the steps to take to have a successful implementation.

Upcoming Microsoft Teams Features You Can Use to Improve Workflows

We share some of the most beneficial new features Microsoft Teams is releasing this year, including a look a Microsoft Viva's updates.

Leveling-up My Microsoft Teams Best Practices

We share a few Microsoft Teams best practices we’ve learned the past few years to get the most value out of Teams and improve collaboration.

Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: Improving Manufacturing Safety with RealWear

We look at how you can use RealWear together with Microsoft Teams to elevate frontline worker safety in this blog.

Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: Innovate Your Manufacturing Processes

As we continue to refine manufacturing processes, using Microsoft Teams allows us to reimagine the efficiencies of the frontline worker.

Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: Putting Collaboration on the Line

Frontline workers often feel disconnected from the company. Here's how you can use Microsoft Teams as a hub to join your entire business.

Couch Convos: Using Microsoft Teams as a Platform

In this episode of Couch Convos, we discuss the various uses of Microsoft Teams as a Platform and learn how businesses can use it as a full digital hub.

Amp Up Microsoft Teams: Use Integrations to Boost Performance Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar we explain how to use Teams as a true digital work hub to increase your Office 365 ROI and transform your business.