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Driving Cloud Transformation and Employee Innovation at Hilldrup

Our security engagement with Hilldrup, a moving and logistics company, grew into a cloud transformation project.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: What It Is, What It Does, Who Needs It

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a security solution that protects endpoints from cyber threats. We explore what it is and who needs.

Get Ready for Your Microsoft Copilot Rollout, Part 2: Data Hygiene and Security

While Microsoft Copilot comes with tools to generate content, you still need to clean it and review your data security policies.

Installation Needs for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Learn how to onboard computers with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, which goes beyond Microsoft Defender’s endpoint anti-virus protection.

Which Migration Tool is Right for You? A Comparison of Migration Manager and Sharegate

We take a look at two data migration tools – Migration Manager and Sharegate – as you plan your move from Google to Office 365.

The Importance of Design in Citizen Development

The citizen development movement is here to stay, but organizations must include usability and design in their efforts to ensure adoptions.

How to Easily Build a Site Map on SharePoint Online Using Sites Web Parts

Build a site map in SharePoint Online using the Content Search Web Part and Sites Web Part to organize and display your webpages effectively.

Common Problems, Unmatched Solutions: Your Centric Problem Solvers at Work

All consultants solve problems. But Centric Consulting problem solvers are different. Read our collection of client stories.

How to Convert Classic SharePoint Pages to Modern Pages Using PowerShell

We walk you through a high-level, step-by-step process to convert your classic SharePoint pages into modern pages.

How to Add Members to a Microsoft Teams Channel in Four Easy Steps

In this article, you'll learn how to quickly bulk load members into a Microsoft Teams channel with four easy-to-follow steps.

Get Ready for Your Microsoft Copilot Rollout, Part 1: Strategic Readiness

We help you think strategically about your Microsoft Copilot rollout so you can invest in the tools that will unlock the most value.

Microsoft Copilot: Stop Flying Solo With Your Microsoft Stack

Microsoft Copilot uses the same large language model as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but it’s trained to function across all Microsoft products.