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As a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner, our Microsoft Teams consulting services can ensure you realize the value of Teams through effective and secure employee collaboration in the cloud. 


Learn how Microsoft Teams can empower your remote workers and help them save time.

Need help deploying Teams? Our governance, adoption and support services can help.


Benefits & Additional Impact of Microsoft Teams

(Forrester study: The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Teams)

hours a week saved by information workers through improved collaboration and information sharing.
overnight trips replaced on average with online meetings by year 3.
percent of survey respondents who felt "having all of our solutions in one place saves time."
percent reduction in meetings each week.

Microsoft Teams Services

To ensure minimal business disruption to your organization in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it is critical to provide flexible work locations and tools so your team can safely continue serving client needs.

We have a Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Teamwork Deployment.

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Our Business First Approach to Teams

We take a “business first” approach to using Microsoft Teams for collaboration – it’s not just deploying the technology, it’s making the technology work for your organization, setting the technology up securely, and training your employees to collaborate most effectively with it.

By collaborating with our Microsoft Certified Professionals, we’ll work together to help you realize the value of Microsoft Teams faster. Our Microsoft Teams consulting services offer deployment & adoption accelerator frameworks along with careful planning and focus around the activities outlined below:

Roadmap & Planning

We use a methodical approach to plan Microsoft Teams deployments that supports the near-, mid-, and long-term business needs of your organization.

Our roadmap will get your organization to its envisioned future state using Teams to integrate with other systems and automate business processes.

Leading Deployments

We bring professionals with experience leading Teams deployments – including both the technical expertise to quickly get your organization to a secure operational state and the business knowledge to help you reach your goals leveraging technology and increasing employee engagement.

Adoption & Change Management

We encourage new ways of working together by providing you with a change management plan encompassing communications, training, support, and feedback mechanisms to maximize employee adoption of collaboration technology.


We work with you to understand your business requirements and discuss Teams configuration options.

Then we configure settings and develop governance processes accordingly – enabling your organization to manage Microsoft Teams in a way that aligns with internal business rules and enforces corporate policies.

Security & Compliance

We help you keep your data safe and secure while sharing information across multiple devices, locations and companies.

As one of Microsoft’s Top 50 Office 365 Security partners, we have the expertise to help assess your security needs and recommend the best course of action to protect your information.


We provide strategic and tactical advice along with hands-on help to increase teamwork and collaboration among your employees.

Allowing you to realize a greater return on investment from building a Microsoft modern workplace using Teams and the entire suite of Office 365 tools.

Our Microsoft 365 services help you define, design and successfully transition your organization’s collaboration solutions, mobile productivity, business intelligence and security.  


Our Accelerator Frameworks Can Help You Roll Out Microsoft Teams With Ease.

To help you get a jump-start with rolling out Microsoft Teams, we’ve developed two Microsoft Teams Accelerator Frameworks, the first being Teams Adoption and Change Management (TACM) followed by Teams Deployment. These are based on Prosci and Microsoft Service Adoption models, Forrester & Gartner best practices and our technical expertise gathered from successful Microsoft Teams implementations.

Accelerator 1 : Teams Adoption & Change Management (TACM)

  • Build out a foundation for the remaining TACM phases
  • Understand business goals and needs

  • Define your change management (CM) strategy
  • Prepare your CM team
  • Develop your sponsorship model

  • Develop CM plans
  • Take action to implement plans

  • Collect and analyze feedback
  • Diagnose gaps and manage resistance
  • Implement corrective action

Accelerator 2 : Teams Deployment


  1. FRAMEWORK: Apply our framework, prioritizing collaboration, communication and content tools.
  2. READINESS: Use a checklist to assess team collaborations, meetings and calls, applications and governance.
  3. ENABLEMENT: Establish Teams admin center, and implement security & compliance, and develop Teams support plan.
  4. PRIORITIZATION: Prioritize steps and phase-in capabilities, moving from basic productivity to meeting solutions.
  5. FEEDBACK: Leverage quantitative and qualitative feedback to track adoption.

Get the Inside Track on Microsoft Teams

In our ebook, The Inside Track on Microsoft Teams: Your Formula for a Winning Security & Governance Strategy, learn how to achieve a better return on investment, by introducing a clear strategy for security, as well as a governance plan that ensures the application is well-tuned to the needs of your organization.

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