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It's time to fly high with AI!

Microsoft recently changed its licensing model for those who can access Copilot for M365, clearing the runway for many more businesses and individual users to take advantage of the company’s newest AI-powered productivity accelerator.  This change leaves businesses like yours ready to explore how to prepare for a safe and secure Copilot takeoff.

  • Which role-based use cases will provide you with the most business value.

  • Actions you should take to ensure you adopt Copilot securely.

  • What to do if your data isn't ready to make the best use of M365 Copilot.

While watching this webinar,  you’ll learn how to assess and level up your readiness for using the powerful artificial intelligence tools that Copilot for Microsoft 365 provides. Topics covered include:

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  • The newest licensing options available for Copilot today.

  • Findings and results from early adopters of Copilot for Microsoft 365.
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