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Rethinking Business Transformation:

Thrive Through Disruption with Modern Software Delivery

Read our white paper to learn how to survive and thrive through disruption by transforming to become a modern software delivery organization.


Get the Inside Track on Microsoft Teams

In our ebook, The Inside Track on Microsoft Teams: Your Formula for a Winning Security & Governance Strategy, learn how to achieve a better return on investment, by introducing a clear strategy for security, as well as a governance plan that ensures the application is well tuned to the needs of your organization.

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It’s time to rethink business transformation. Considering or already beginning to transform your business?

Watch our webinars and download our resources to learn what it takes to achieve successful transformation.

[Webinar] 3 Reasons Modern Software Delivery Matters

In an age of constant change, you must rethink the approach to transformation and technology delivery. In our webinar we discuss supporting business transformation through Modern Software Delivery.

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Rethinking Business Transformation: Build Business Agility Throughout Your Organization

In today’s climate, business agility is essential to keep pace with rapid change. Business transformations must be executed with an agile mindset and viewed as a journey rather than a destination.

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[Webinar] Changing Mindsets: A Blueprint for Business Transformation


In our webinar, you’ll learn what it takes to drive business transformation by changing the way employees behave, which first requires changing how they think.

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David O'Toole - WWT

One Word: Partner

“There is only one word I can use to describe my experience with Centric: partner. In the truest sense of a high performing partnership, a collaborative environment has been created to ensure complete clarity and trust throughout the project teams. Centric has done a great job integrating and adapting; they are not seen as a consultant, but a member of the team.”
David O'Toole, Director of Strategic Program Operations, World Wide Technology

Take a look at our unmatched approach to business and technology consulting…

Mobile Solution

VITAS and Centric create mobile solution that improves patient intake response times and digitizes paper-based workflows.

Business Transformation Initiative to Sustain Historic Growth

World Wide Technology and Centric build five-year transformation strategy and help employees embrace change.

Using Beacon Technology
to Save Lives

Special Care Providers and Centric use BlueBeak technology to improve care for ventilator-dependent patients.


You deserve an unmatched consulting experience. We bring it.

We believe consulting is a team sport, which is why we don’t just work for you – we work with you. We work with you to uncover new ideas and unique perspectives that optimize your processes, elevate your technology, and help you compete in a digital world.

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The Best Talent We Could Find

“We reached out for the best talent we could find, and we loved the team that Centric brought. They really meshed well with our team, and their technology expertise is unsurpassed.”

Patrick Hale, CIO EVP, VITAS

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Learn about the challenges organizations like yours are facing.


If you’re not moving to the cloud, developing a mobile app or building custom software, you probably should be. How do you get started?


You know business processes are key to your company’s operational performance. But how do you go about business process improvement (BPI)?


You are expected to provide a frictionless, always on, always available customer experience. Is marketing automation the answer? And what does your digital strategy look like?


Transformational projects, like Office 365 adoption, often fail because people don’t like change. How do you get your people onboard?


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