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Integrating Beacon Software for Better Patient Outcomes

Results by the Numbers

Improvement in Ventilator Weaning Rates
Decannulation Rate
Increase in Discharges Home
Readmission Rate

Results: An Approach That Can Save Lives

Since partnering with us, SCP has seen encouraging results in terms of patient outcomes.

With the introduction of our beacon technology, their ventilator weaning rates improved by 80 percent (much higher than the national average), decannulation rates have exceeded 63 percent, and they have achieved an increase of nearly 400% in subsequent discharges home. In addition, readmission rates have reduced to nearly six percent, compared to an average of 30 to 60 percent at other hospitals.

The SCP is continuing to use the beacon technology to measure the impact of nurse shift time, ratios, education, and discipline on patient health outcomes. But for now, with our help, both management and staff have embraced beacon technology, enhanced both provider and patient (caregiver) satisfaction, and improved quality of life.

‘”This is a win-win solution for patients, families and healthcare providers,” said Kim Caruthers, Centric Miami’s Practice Lead. “Not only does it give patients and families some peace of mind in knowing their care is being monitored for effectiveness, but it also gives healthcare providers more confidence. They’ll know that clinicians are doing their job, and can identify things that can be done differently.”

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