Centric Consulting Modern analytics approach with IAP

Unifying Data for Better Decision Making at HAI Group

Enter Centric: Creating a Unified Data Platform That Exceeds Expectations

HAI was referred to Centric Consulting by a previous partner who shared HAI’s goals of optimizing data architecture and creating analytics that target key business functions. During initial discussions, our national Data and Analytics team impressed HAI with its expertise in building Power BI dashboards and frameworks that help visualize business insights for insurance analytics platform (IAP) implementation.

Working alongside HAI, we customized and deployed a data warehouse and reporting solution that aggregates data from multiple sources and organizes it against an industry-standard domain model. Previously, reporting consisted of generating data extracts from source systems, dumping them into Excel, and manipulating them further to obtain key metrics and insights.

As part of its implementation, we built a custom reserve engine that automatically reconciles expenses and financial reserves and a new module for underwriting and policy quoting based on HAI’s unique business practices and workflows. After implementation, previously inaccessible but vital information and reporting were available on demand.

“The partnership we have formed with HAI is the ideal that we at Centric shoot for in all of our partnerships with our clients. It is one that is mutually beneficial and is formed out of mutual respect and trust,” Kris Moniz, National Data and Analytics Practice Lead.

Results: A Modern Analytics Platform with On-Demand Insights

Using our modern data strategies and insurance expertise, we helped HAI gain availability and access to reporting and data that they did not have before. Now, their employees are empowered with tools and insights for data-driven decision making.

We built the entire platform using Microsoft tools, including Power BI, Azure Data Factory, and others, which allows HAI to take advantage of the Azure cloud’s full suite of products and accelerators. With these tools, we helped create a new analytics platform that results in a seamless flow of data.

As a result, our client was then able to marry HAI’s business and mission with the new tools to help drive success for years to come.


With our Data and Analytics team’s help, HAI can now:

  • Gain access to analytics for quotes and submissions.
  • Provide insights into Policy and Claim data on a daily basis versus monthly.
  • Create new data models for the company’s specific needs and build a new module for quoting and submissions.

These capabilities allow HAI to act with more agility as new opportunities come through the door using their modernized tools and solutions, positioning the company to continue exceeding expectations in the public and affordable housing community.

“Centric has played a pivotal role in the successful establishment of our data warehouse. Their teams have demonstrated the ability to get up-to-speed quickly on the details of our operations, allowing them to tailor the final product in a way that is most beneficial to our end users. Their technical expertise and breadth of knowledge have been evident since day one. They have truly acted as a partner throughout the project, working side-by-side with our teams to ensure a successful release.”

Troy LePage, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President, and Assistant Treasurer, HAI Group

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