Centric Consulting A New Data Platform with Data Governance

Implementing a Data Platform and Data Governance for an Insurer

The Results: A Cloud-Based System Expected to Deliver in Just Six Months

Using our modern data reference architecture, we collaborated with the client to design a new, cloud-based, leading-edge data ecosystem. Now, with a deeper understanding of data architecture, our client was able to incorporate new tools to make their data more readily available and reportable. This gave them the flexibility and scalability to achieve near and long-term business goals.

Our team selected a technology stack based in the AWS cloud platform to drive early benefits and make it fit with existing cloud technologies. Our technology-agnostic mindset allowed the team to select the right platform based on the client’s needs.

We were able to help the client:

  • Streamline and simplify the creation of new financial data for actuaries.
  • Reduce the time for general ledger month-end processing from one month to just a few days.
  • Archive data ownership buy-in for critical data elements across the organization.

Finally, we estimated the effort and created a multi-year roadmap. The agile roadmap delivered good news: It would yield results in the first six months of the project and continue to grow from there. The roadmap was created with the flexibility to adjust and fit evolving business needs. And a new data governance strategy allowed the client to make critical business decisions at the speed of their business.

We then shifted from strategy to execution, embarking on a data platform implementation journey together.

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