Performance Measurement

Performance Metrics: “If You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It”

About the Author
Rick Kennedy

Rick Kennedy is a leader with Centric’s National Business Process Improvement (Lean / Six Sigma) service offering. Rick is a certified black belt and LSS master black belt who has experience applying Business Process Improvements (BPI) across various industries, including healthcare and financial services. He has also worked to improve pharmacy flows, aseptic processes for smoothies, mortgage processes and card services.


6 Key Process Excellence Capabilities to Consider 

Getting Started: What is a Process Assessment? Why Do You Need One?

People: The Foundation of Your Company, Culture and Process Excellence Programs

Process: Five Factors for Business Process Improvement Success

Technology: What’s the Right Way to Automate a Process?

Bringing It All Together: How Process Excellence Enables Business Transformation

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Achieving process excellence is not easy and not a singular event but is a journey. It may take months or even years depending based on your current level of process focus and process maturity.

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