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Kris Moniz

Quality Content Provides Real Benefits

Quality thought leadership content provides an expert lens with which to view common business problems. The real value is achieved when a content consumer:

  • Gains a new perspective on how to address an issue for which they’re seeking guidance
  • Receives re-enforcement for a currently held position on an issue and additional insight into new approaches to moving the needle
  • Is challenged to come at a business problem from a completely different angle, sparking engagement with new business partners

Kris Moniz, National Practice Lead, Data and Analytics

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Carmen Fontana Headshot

The Value of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership validates our competence, which in turn shortens the sales cycle. We can spend less time confirming who we are and what we know, and more time having impactful conversations about the clients’ needs and how we can help.

Carmen Fontana, National Practice Lead, Modern Software Delivery

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