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Microsoft Copilot: An Executive’s Guide to Getting Ready

With over 100,000 US businesses already using Microsoft 365, adopting the company’s newest native AI features of Microsoft Copilot is a natural fit.

5 Areas to Consider Before Building In-House Enterprise Software

We created a checklist to help you determine which software option is best for you and your business: building, buying or both.

Solutions for Your Success: Recommended Reads from Our Problem Solvers

Regardless of your industry or challenge, our problem-solving teams are ready to discuss solutions to boost your organization's success.

Accelerating Strategy Execution: Effective Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Discover the ways EPM can bridge the gap between strategy and execution and how upgraded capabilities can help your business achieve value.

Collaborative Intelligence: An AI-Powered System That Puts Humans in Control

In our white paper, we explain our Collaborative Intelligence system and how it can help you manage human and artificial intelligence.

Couch Convos: Centric Commemorates Celebrating Juneteenth

Centric Commemorates presents a conversation about understanding and celebrating Juneteenth in this special edition of our podcast.

The ChatGPT & AI Revolution: An Executive’s Guide

In our on-demand webinar, our experts discuss what leaders must know to successfully adoption AI and ChatGPT in the workplace.

Ready to Automate: An Automation Identification Scorecard

Knowing which processes to automate can be tricky. Download our interactive RPA scorecard to help determine if your processes are ready for automation.

An Antidote to Talent Attrition: Microsoft Viva’s Employee Experience Platform

Our on-demand webinar walks you through using Microsoft Viva to engage your employees and improve their work experience.

What Is Modern Software Delivery? Software Delivery at Speed and Scale

In our white paper, we discuss how modern software delivery came about, what it looks like today and how it can impact your business.

Microsoft Power Platform Licensing Flowchart

Microsoft Power Platform licensing can be complicated. Our downloadable flowchart helps remove some of the guesswork.

RPA as a Service: Is Easy Button Automation Right for You?

Many leaders know the value RPA can bring, but investing in the traditional in-house RPA model the best solution. RPA as a service might be the answer.