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RPA as a Service: Is Easy Button Automation Right for You?

Many leaders know the value RPA can bring, but investing in the traditional in-house RPA model the best solution. RPA as a service might be the answer.

What’s Your Enterprise Automation Maturity? A Checklist

Our downloadable checklist reveals what your enterprise automation maturity is and how to get to the next stage.

Automation Challenges: The Tech View on the Ticketmaster Failure

We address the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster failure from a tech perspective, unpacking the automation challenges bots solve and introduce.

Blog Series: Your Guide to the 4 Stages of Enterprise Automation Maturity

Our enterprise automation series will show you how to eliminate manual tasks and optimize your processes using RPA, BPM and other automation solutions.

Assessing Business Problem: If It Ain’t Broke, Please Fix it

Predicting business problems is tricky. Here are a few assessments you can use to evaluate issues to help you maintain business continuity.

How to Build a Chatbot People Want to Use

In this blog, we show how robotic process automation and machine learning optimize chatbot performance, which advances customer experience.

Should Your Process Fit the Tool or Vice Versa?

Your choice in work process and tool alignment will have implications both now and in the future. Learn how to choose the best process fit based on needs.

Business Process Governance: Caring for and Feeding Your Process Documentation

We explain why you need a business process governance framework and what elements you’ll want to include in yours.

How to Achieve Process Standardization in Manufacturing

Manufacturing process standardization can help improve employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction in your company.

20 Terms You Must Master to End Automation Confusion

The RPA market alone is expected to grow by more than 30 percent by 2030. But with all the automation terminology and abbreviations, where do you start?

How to Optimize Your Automation Program

We walk through how to optimize your automation program on an organization, operations and enablement level in this blog.

Couch Convos: Evaluating the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Meltdown

In this episode of Couch Convos: Biz and Tech Talks, our automation experts discuss what went wrong with Taylor Swift’s latest concert ticket sales.