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Meet Your Problem Solvers in St. Louis

Meet four of our St. Louis team members. They are experts who can solve your business and technology problems.

Using Data to Reimagine New Business Processes for an Insurance Provider

Processes drive insurance companies. We helped a Fortune 500 insurer develop a complete strategic plan for its process-improvement efforts.

RPA Paired With AI Opens Up A New World Of Automation

We talk about hyperautomation - an innovative combination of robotic process automation and artificial intelliegence.

Common Problems, Unmatched Solutions: Your Centric Problem Solvers at Work

All consultants solve problems. But Centric Consulting problem solvers are different. Read our collection of client stories.

RPA in Recruiting With Microsoft Power Platform Automation

 In this post, we will explore one of the biggest challenges in recruiting processes and how robotic process automation can help solve it. Robotic process automation (RPA) has the potential to transform human resources. HR is filled with repetitive, reusable

Business Process Improvement Through the Lens of ‘Atomic Habits’

We discuss how to apply an atomic habit mindset to four common business process improvement approaches to achieve optimized performance.

A Strategic Approach to Improving Financial Performance Through Process Excellence

This blog explores how a strategic focus on process excellence can lead to tangible financial benefits for organizations.

The Art of AI Adoption: How Operational Excellence Paves the Way

AI adoption requires a well-coordinated approach involving business architecture, process improvement and performance measurement.

Ready to Automate: An Automation Identification Scorecard

Knowing which processes to automate can be tricky. Download our interactive RPA scorecard to help determine if your processes are ready for automation.

Is RPA as a Service Right for You? A Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar our experts introduce RPA as a service (RPAaaS), a subscription-based approach to your company’s automation program.

RPA as a Service: Is Easy Button Automation Right for You?

Many leaders know the value RPA can bring, but investing in the traditional in-house RPA model the best solution. RPA as a service might be the answer.

What’s Your Enterprise Automation Maturity? A Checklist

Our downloadable checklist reveals what your enterprise automation maturity is and how to get to the next stage.