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Should Your Process Fit the Tool or Vice Versa?

Your choice in work process and tool alignment will have implications both now and in the future. Learn how to choose the best process fit based on needs.

How to Achieve Process Standardization in Manufacturing

Manufacturing process standardization can help improve employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction in your company.

Process Improvement: 4 Challenges to Measuring Success and How to Fix Them

Business process improvement initiatives are delivering results across industries, but how do you measure success? We share four challenges.

Life Insurance Underwriting: The Recurring Dream of Improvement

As customer expectations change, it’s imperative that companies improve their life insurance underwriting efficiency. We examine three ways to do that.

Technology: What’s the Right Way to Automate a Process?

Process automation isn't a quick fix to eliminate the mundane. There are steps to consider before introducing new technology into your business processes.

Performance Metrics: “If You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It”

Using performance measurement to improve business goals and processes is important. But, it's equally important to use these metrics correctly.

Process: Five Factors for Business Process Improvement Success

We focus on the need to establish high-performing processes, including five key factors critical to business process improvement initiatives.

Seek Process Improvement Opportunities and Change for the Better

Learn how to progress your process improvement opportunities and shift your thinking so there’s a continuous focus on making things better.

Business Process Improvement with One Simple Question

The most important business process improvement question may seem simple, but in this blog, you learn that “why” is a powerful question to leverage.

Merits of LSS: How Does Blending Lean and Six Sigma Solve Problems?

Blending Lean and Six Sigma solves business issues. Lean eliminates waste, balances process. Six Sigma reduces variation, boosts performance.

Lean: Back to the Basics

How often do Lean practitioners jump straight into solutions before making sure the audience understands the principles?

What Are Business Process Improvement and Business Process Management?

In this blog, we explain how to define business process improvement and business process management.