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Our Agile approach to Business Intelligence Consulting produces results in weeks instead of months. Let us show you how.


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We help you minimize risks, maximize results and supercharge your Business Intelligence (BI) programs.

Our approach to business intelligence consulting is a highly strategic and technology-driven process that involves collecting and analyzing data to gain business insights.

Our business intelligence consultants approach BI as a critical component of growth, stability and market penetration for any company. They drive data collection and analysis, assess and validate gathered data, make models to evaluate behaviors, and implement new methodologies so your organization can make data-driven decisions.

By focusing on high-value and tactical demands, we can help you achieve superior analytics in dramatically less time.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services Overview

Our Business Intelligence practice capabilities include the following:

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Mart
  • Reporting and Visualization
  • Design & Assessment
  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • Data Governance
  • Master Data Management
  • Information Management
  • Data Conversion


Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Mart

Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Mart

Through more than a decade of successful Business Intelligence delivery, we have developed a proprietary Business Intelligence Architecture Framework that produces mature, extensible, and enterprise-scale systems. This technology-agnostic approach is made up of the full-solution architecture, including hardware planning, software selection and individual architectures of data, ETL and reporting.

Reporting & Visualization

Reporting and Visualization

Our Reporting and Visualization covers a broad range of analysis capability, including: executive briefing books and dashboards; parameter-driven reports; ad-hoc pivot analytics; advanced visualization; predictive analytics and forecasting; complex event notification; statistical analysis and data mining.

Design and assessment

Design and Assessment

From evaluating your current architecture to designing for your future, we help you achieve your design goals. Our approach does not just cover technical expertise. It includes organizational change and business process improvements required to implement and support your future. Services include: current state assessment, goal state design, and organizational readiness.

Strategy & Roadmap

Becoming an information-driven organization is hard work, but a plan can help. By combining all aspects of Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Science, we help map the path to get you there. Services include: strategy development; ROI analysis; tool and platform strategy and selection; implementation roadmap creation.

data governance

Data Governance

Our proven Agile approach to data governance applies the idea that executive support will be forthcoming once you can repeatedly demonstrate value to the business. By making data governance a business-driven process, you will see tangible results in short time periods, leading to buy-in and excitement across the enterprise.

master data management

Master Data Management

Given that data is now frequently shared across multiple systems and new systems are constantly incorporated into existing enterprises, organizations are feeling pain in regard to consistent reporting and regulatory compliance. Our Master Data Management (MDM) services can help you deal with – or avoid that pain.

information management

Information Management

Through information management, organizations transform from data-oriented silos into information factories. By taking advantage of the latest information management tools, we can help your organization truly understand and manage the valuable information needed to make critical decisions.

data conversion

Data Conversion

Data comes in a myriad of formats, making it a challenge to share data across various systems. We have the experience and expertise to convert data, allowing non-compatible systems to share data with one another.

Delivering insight to your business is no longer optional. It’s table stakes.




Machine Learning Made Easy(ish)

Struggling to sell machine learning to your organization? An incremental approach can earn the buy in and funding you need.

Join our data and analytics experts on December 7 for a live webinar that will explain how.


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