Power BI Client Story

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Enter Centric: Developing a More Dependable Data Dashboard

The client reached out to our data analytics specialists to help it to outline their long-term requirements and objectives for data dashboarding and to conceptualize and implement the tools, architecture and operational approach needed to meet these objectives.

For several years, our client experimented with different versions of internally developed data management systems that proved to be too expensive and labor-intensive for their IT teams. In addition, they were experiencing rapid growth that exacerbated their existing challenges with data collection. They needed a way to scale their data management in a way that could support their rapid growth.

After working closely with our client to determine its needs, we recommended this solution: Power BI – an agile, collaborative and extremely efficient platform for data management and analysis.

“Power BI would help them reduce expenses, and we could build it in such a way that the business reviews would be dynamically driven by end users themselves, rather than relying on IT,” says Darren Touseull, a Business Intelligence specialist from our Indianapolis business unit.

Results: A Power BI Environment

Within two months, we worked together with our client to set up their Power BI environment, implement a sound governance model for data collection and reporting, develop an information model, and redesign standards ensuring security and performance compliance.

The result was a dependable Power BI data dashboard solution that enabled:

  • Accessibility through an integrated security model
  • Adaptability through data Integration standards that allow ad hoc analysis of targeted metrics and data from disparate systems and different sources
  • Scalability through table partitioning and indexing strategies that help tables to scale and remain usable as they grow.
  • Usability through curated data sets that can be accessible to a variety of external and internal users and whose permissions can be customized based on the individual user
  • Extensibility through developing a physical data model based on the business objectives and not just on the source system.

In summary, our Power BI solution granted the client increased efficiency in managing external client business reviews and reporting, better functional reporting capabilities in multiple areas, and near-term and long-term affordability.

We can help you deploy sustainable Power BI reporting and analytics at an enterprise scale, delivering actionable insight throughout your organization.