Insurance Analytics Platform

Deliver measurable, profit-maximizing insights across the entire Insurance Value Chain.


Insurers are well-acquainted with large-scale data collection. For decades, the industry has gathered policyholder data to determine price and risk, including everything from personal information to credit score – assets that can translate into real business value.  

But the challenge lies in the tremendous volume of data insurers collect, and an aging data architecture that struggles to produce and use that data in a way that drives better business outcomes. Time and necessity have resulted in decentralization, duplication and variation of data crucial to the future of the organization. The resulting lack of clarity can stunt innovation and cloud critical strategic decision making. 

At Centric Consulting, we understand that the intersection between Insurance and Data & Analytics can be complicated. But with our data warehouse solution, it doesn’t have to be. 

Designed by a team with over a century of collective industry experience, our Insurance Analytics Platform is a pre–engineered, value-driven analytics solution powering the business insights that drive premium growth, retention and operational efficiency.


How Can Our Insurance Analytics Platform Help You?

  • Use the Insurance Value Chain to drive your implementation strategy and deliver value early and quickly.
  • Deliver actionable data to your business users to drive strategic and operational decisions in months, not years.
  • Become a data-driven organization with a single source of truth to drive innovation and collaboration.
  • Build with confidence knowing that today’s solution sits on an extensive architecture that will grow with you.
  • Enable business intelligence, advanced analytics, scalability and extensibility.
  • Utilize the power of Microsoft Azure SQL, the scalability of Azure Data Factory and the ease of use of Azure Analysis Services and Power BI (Business Intelligence) to gain value-driven analytics that power business insights.

Insurance Analytics Platform Capabilities

Our platform works even if your data spans multiple core systems:

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Pre-Built Visualizations

30+ Pre-Built Visualizations are designed to support the real-world use cases across the value chain. This solution enables ad-hoc analysis, allowing your organization to reduce dependence on IT for most report and data query requests.  

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Modern Analytics Architecture

Underpinning the platform is a Modern Analytics Architecture that prepares your organization for business intelligence, advanced analytics, IoT, data quality and other enterprise information management needs.  

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Business and Metrics Definitions

Clearly defined business and metric definitions allow management to make decisions from the Pre-Built Visualizations and Data Model. We will customize definitions to your specific requirements.

Insurance Data Model

The Insurance Data Model is comprised of over 300 tables and thousands of attributes. It was designed to support Pre-Built Visualizations and other reporting supported by the platform.

Monitoring Dashboards

Our Cost Monitoring Dashboard tracks every element of your cloud infrastructure and helps us optimize your environment. Our Audit / Balance / Control framework measures KPIs across each layer and sends alerts if there are any mismatches.


Learn the challenges we’re seeing with insurance insights and data and how our insurance analytics platform can be a solution.

Insurance Value Chain

The platform supports our comprehensive Insurance Value Chain, which ties performance metrics to functional areas of your business. Business and metric definitions ensure clarity in decision-making.


Our Technical Architecture

Our Modern Analytics Platform (MAP) is a reusable technical framework for building flexible, large-scale data environments supporting extensive data integration, data science exploration, master data management, and business-centered analytics. 

Defeating Property Casualty Insurance Challenges

In our ebook, Defeat Property & Casualty Insurance Challenges with a Modern Analytics Approach, learn how to align your data strategy to your business strategy and implement a modern analytics approach for company growth!

Why Choose Centric’s Modern Analytics Platform Architecture? 

  • Sets a foundation you can trust and build-upon with a consistent, proven and scalable architecture.
  • Never run out of nightly processing time and enable real-time loading on scalable distributed platforms. 
  • Seamlessly integrate new data across your enterprise into a common view.
  • Achieve higher velocity-per-dollar of development resources, up to 2 times the amount.
  • Dramatically lower your incidence of bugs through code automation, ETL patterns and efficient design. 
  • Focus on delivery of key data without jeopardizing potential high value data thanks to robust auditing and data preservation.

Become a carrier of choice

You bring your data challenges. We bring our insurance industry knowledge and analytics expertise. Together, we can use data to drive better business outcomes.


Transform your insurance data into real business value. 

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