Big Data

Big Data

Big Data can unlock dramatic new opportunities and insights. Let us show you how.
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In today’s business environment, many companies find their data is pushing the processing capacity of existing database systems.

Fortunately, cost-effective approaches have emerged to handle the volume, velocity, and variety of massive data.

Big Data Service Overview

Centric Consulting’s Big Data service offering is positioned to help you separate fact from hype. Our practice capabilities include the following:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Solution Build
  • Data Lake
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Strategy & Roadmap

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Big Data Capabilities

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Proof of Concept

Interested in venturing into Big Data, but want to test the waters first? Big Data does not need to equal big investment. We can help clients design and execute a proof-of-concept that measures the value of a larger investment.

Centric Solution Build

Solution Build

Our Agile approach to traditional Business Intelligence transitions smoothly into building Big Data solutions that return tangible results in an iterative fashion. By using best-practice architectural design processes, we can help clients implement solutions that solve complex problems.

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Data Lake

Data Lakes allow companies to pour data from multiple sources into one data repository as one large unstructured data set. Tools and technologies allow users to structure and examine data when needed as opposed to when stored. We can architect and implement your Data Lake, as well as help you keep it from becoming a data swamp.

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Infrastructure Planning

Our detailed and disciplined approach to requirements gathering allows us to help clients venture into Big Data in a cost-effective and measured manner. We can help companies that are putting in place new infrastructures or expanding existing Big Data infrastructures.

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Strategy and Roadmap

Becoming an information-driven organization is hard work, but a plan can help. By combining all aspects of Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Science, we help map out the path to get you there. Services include strategy development, ROI analysis, tool and platform strategy and selection, and implementation roadmap creation.

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