Marketing Operations Defined

Marketing Operations is a broad term that collectively describes the people, processes, and technologies that enable marketing to operate efficiently and to scale with quality and consistency. Marketing operations is more holistic than traditional marketing because it adds a technical and analytical approach to more creative processes.

This combination of analytical and creative approaches is essential in today’s ever-growing data and technology environment. It offers opportunities to deliver personalized experiences across an increasing number of marketing channels. As a result, marketing managers that want their respective teams to function more as marketing operations teams must expand their skill sets to include analytical skills and creativity.

Marketing operations professionals often are not who would have previously been thought of as “marketers” or associated with the marketing function. The professionals that make up marketing ops (MOPs) teams frequently come from analytical or process-oriented backgrounds. A Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) staff typically includes financial analysts, programmers/developers, project managers, data experts, and market researchers performing marketing operations functions.