Marketing Operations Defined

Marketing Operations is a broad term that collectively describes the function of the marketing organization, including people, process, and technology, that enables marketing to operate efficiently and to scale with quality and consistency.

It serves as the backbone of a marketing team, delivering planning, governance and support functions to allow core marketing functions to focus on delivering value.

It focuses on end-to-end marketing optimization— from planning and budgeting to execution and analysis.  Marketing Operations increases efficiency and drives results in marketing organizations. It builds a foundation for excellence by reinforcing marketing strategy with metrics, infrastructure, business processes, best practices, budgeting and reporting.

Marketing Operations professionals often are not classical marketers, they often come from analytical or process-oriented roles. Increasingly, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) staff includes financial analysts, programmers, project managers, data gurus, and market researchers performing marketing operations functions.

Some may say that Marketing Operations is an injection of left-brain thinking into the typically right-brained-heavy marketing function. This has led to the need for marketers to expand their skill set to include technical and analytical skills in addition to the traditional marketing skills. This combination is essential in today’s marketing environment that is data heavy and offers the opportunity to deliver experiences across an increasing number of channels.

Marketing Operations combined with marketing automation has the ability change the way you do marketing; influencing your strategy with new capabilities, insights and agility.