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Enabling Greater Productivity with MuleSoft and Modern Service-Oriented Architecture

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Enter Centric: An Agile, Experienced International Middleware Implementation Team

Before our client engaged Centric, it had started using automated core processes and create application programming interface (API) connectivity.

When we met with the client, we learned it was struggling because it lacked common standards between enterprise service bus (ESB) applications. As a result, the applications in the service-oriented architecture (SOA) could not communicate with each other.

Through our delivery model, we quickly assembled a team of middleware implementation experts. Right Site includes a blend of traditional on-site consulting services as well as off-site services in the U.S. and at Centric India, creating a flexible model that can adapt to each client’s unique needs and shift over time.

Since our engagement began in April 2018, our MuleSoft team has scaled from six members to more than 25, including architects, developers, testers and analysts. This international team now works virtually in the U.S. and at Centric India to speed our solution’s deployment.

The Results: Innovative Solutions Lead to 3 to 5 Times Faster Project Delivery

Our team used the client’s SOA framework to implement a set of services in a three-layered architecture solution, based on MuleSoft’s best practices. This resulted in a well-defined, pluggable and scalable API-led middleware solution that replaced about 20 existing P2P integrations while addressing the platform’s challenges:

  • Our three-layered architecture provided loose-coupling so that the client could replace their downstream systems independent of their overall integration effort.
  • As a development operations (DevOps) practice, we helped implement a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and trained client resources on tools such as Jenkins, SonarQube, JFrog while helping them achieve better-quality delivery with MUnits.
  • We implemented ESB coding standards and created reusable assets, which drove triple-digit productivity gains.
  • We also deployed a generic, global exception-handling solution that further ensures common standards among the ESB applications.
  • We automated our deployment with on-premise servers to reduce application downtime.
  • We created a Tracker Dashboard that cut production alerts by 80 percent and repaired most gaps in critical applications.

By delivering integrations in key areas such as the claim center and policy administration, as well as multiple digital initiatives including paperless policy, marketing email and text-alert campaigns via Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we enabled the client to break down its silos and deliver products, applications and services more effectively for its customers.

Want help using MuleSoft? As an active participant in the MuleSoft community, we organize multiple meetup events and present innovative solutions about API-led connectivity. By staying engaged, we learn the latest industry trends so we always understand how it supports digital innovation.

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