Centric Chicago partnered with an executive search firm to create reporting dashboards that give leaders new data insight

The Business Need

Our client had recently upgraded to a new account management system, but still lacked clear insight into their data and metrics.

The company, an executive search firm, was looking for a simple, intuitive way to support their practice leaders by giving them the ability to monitor, analyze and respond to all of their information.

It started to become clear what they needed.

Enter Centric

Our Centric Chicago team worked with them to create a solution for their data and analytical needs. In partnership with client staff, here’s what we delivered:

  • Gathered input from subject matter experts to identify and understand what information the company needed to capture for their analysis.
  • Architected and provided a roadmap to enhance the client’s data management and reporting environment.
  • Updated the reporting infrastructure from MS SQL Server 2008 to 2016.
  • Aligned data and reporting to a desired business and IT cloud strategy.
  • Selected Microsoft PowerBI as the appropriate tool for their business.
  • Took advantage of existing technology tools to visualize the information.

The Results

In the end, we created minimal viable product (MVP) management reporting dashboards for the company’s executives, board of directors, and practice leaders.

This solution allows them to move from a predominantly Excel-based reporting system distributed via email to interactive, drillable dashboards that gives them new ways of measuring and managing their business. Now, they can see all their data from one place thanks to the extensible management reporting data mart we created for the dashboards.

To ensure a successful launch, we led training and communication for the release of the executive dashboards. This included educating leaders on how to use the tools as well as how to read and interpret the dashboards.

We continue to provide change management guidance to transform the company so they learn to rely on data, not their gut, to make decisions.

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