Data Dashboards

Fast-Growing Digital Marketing Agency Builds Data Dashboards to Make Better Business Decisions

Enter Centric: Building Business Insights with Data Dashboards

Our client had already teamed up with us on several other projects, and they knew our data and analytics expertise would be a perfect match for this particular endeavor. So, they partnered with us to build a series of executive dashboards to track unit, client, resource retention and sales productivity.

We took a careful and comprehensive approach to ensure the success of this project:

  1. We worked closely with the business leaders to fully understand their business information structure, including business and metric definitions. This information informed our iterative process of designing, demonstrating and refining visualizations in Power BI.
  2. We built and automated a commissions dashboard in Power BI, establishing one accessible place for commission data. This provided visibility and availability for sales leadership coaching sessions and minimized the need to pull data from multiple sources.
  3. We launched a series of QA tests to confirm the functionality of the created dashboards.

The Results: A Successful Collection of Data Dashboards

Together with the client, our team successfully delivered three robust and dependable data dashboards in just seven weeks. Using these dashboards, business leaders would be able to track the following more efficiently and accurately:

  • Unit Retention – monitors the number of units sold each period (day, month, quarter, year), and a calculated retention rate period-to-period
  • Client Retention — monitors the client count from period-to-period, regardless of how much product they purchased
  • Sales Productivity — how many units sales associates sold.

This valuable information provides unprecedented insights into the company’s performance and allows business leaders to make smart, informed decisions.

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