Collaboration Portal Connects Physicians To Other Physicians

Centric helped design, stabilize and deploy a start-up’s novel Physician-to-Physician Collaboration Portal using Liferay.

The Business Need

A start-up company located in Ohio developed a novel portal concept to connect physicians with each other so they could collaborate, share referral information and engage through a safe and secure platform. The company believed that a secure platform could encourage medical providers to better market to their patients and provide more social engagement.

The first version of this portal had been developed by a consulting organization who did not understand the underlying portal technology. Although the look and feel of the site was satisfactory, administration features were lacking, performance was sub-par and overall feature development difficult. Taken together, these limitations created doubt in the start-up company for its ability to capture new customers.

Centric worked with the start-up to assess the health of its current LifePortal, stabilized it and then worked to re-platform the portal onto a newer version of Liferay. Centric also prototyped a number of capabilities out of Liferay which the start-up company had in queue.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Phase One: Centric worked with the client in an agile manner and completed three phases of work in two months. The first phase, stabilization, took the current portal to a new data center and re-platformed the functionality on a newer version of Liferay (6.0).

Phase Two: Phase two introduced a number of conversions from the existing custom application development to feature Liferay out of the box. This phase directly improved performance as the core functional elements of the portal used Liferay’s scalable architecture rather than custom Java code on top of it.

Phase Three: Phase three introduced a number of enhancements, fixes and proof-of-concept capabilities. This work added to the current base of functionality on the portal and served as a marketing tool for the start-up to capture business.


The re-platformed portal successfully deployed and served to market the start-up company’s capabilities for two rounds of venture capital.