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Interact with Machine Learning Using PowerApps and Flow – Part 2

About the Author
Jo Karnes

Jo Karnes is a National SharePoint Architect with the Enterprise Collaboration team. With more than 15 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies, Jo not only brings a wealth of knowledge in Microsoft SharePoint but also in enabling technologies that allow SharePoint to integrate and perform well.

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Extend Your Office 365 Investment with PowerApps and Flow

What are PowerApps and Flow?

PowerApps and Flow are cloud-based tools that allow you to create online forms and mobile apps with a point-and-click approach to app design. PowerApps and Flow connect to the cloud services and data sources you are already using, giving you the ability to quickly build apps that suit specific needs – building on skills you already have.

How PowerApps And Flow Can Help

Franchisees of an international casual dining company were using custom developed pages in SharePoint to create menus. Too often this process was confusing and time-consuming. We worked together to redesign the franchisee experience of creating, reviewing and developing menus. By using PowerApps and Flow we were able to streamline the way the franchisees get the information about the many different menu options allowing them to easily select and submit the menu choices they wanted to offer their customers.

Not Sure Where to Start – We Can Help

Sometimes new technologies can be overwhelming but they don’t have to be. Work with us and take advantage of our hands-on knowledge and guidance. We’ll help you develop a deeper integration of PowerApps and Flow within SharePoint Online and increase your team collaboration and task automation capabilities.

We listen to your needs, identify process efficiencies and develop custom solutions using PowerApps and Flow technologies so that you get the most of your Office 365 investment. We are proud partners of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow so you can feel confident creating sustainable solutions with our team.

Contact us to get started.