Microsoft Power Platform

5 Questions about Using Power Platform’s Low-Code and No-Code Tools

About the Authors
Carrie Butler

Carrie Butler

Senior Architect | Dynamics 365  Enterprise Resource Planning

Carrie has over 15 years of experience with Dynamics and over 20 years of experience helping organizations increase productivity, improve efficiency and optimize CRM/ERP ROI. Carrie is passionate about designing and implementing solutions that solve real business. When not working, Carrie enjoys time with her family, music, reading and home improvement projects.


Lindsey Gorkowski

Lindsey Gorkowski

Senior Solution Architect | Microsoft Dynamics

Lindsey has specialized in Dynamics CE for over 11 years and has helped countless clients with successful implementations of D365. With a strong background in process improvement and training, Lindsey strives to help clients get the most out of their solutions. She calls Melbourne, FL, home, where she spends her free time on the beach with family and getting to watch the space shuttles launch from her backyard.

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