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Jo Karnes

Jo Karnes

Senior Architect | Modern Workplace

Jo provides strategic guidance, architecture and implementation of Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions. Jo has worked in IT for 25 years, and is located in Memphis, TN.  She is married with three children, and spends her time pursuing her hobbies.  Follow Jo on LinkedIn.

Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit

We walk through three components of Microsoft's Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit to help you develop a governance and adoption strategy.

Centric Commemorates: Raising Awareness and Appreciation of the Trans Journey

In this Centric Commemorates, Jo Karnes shares her experience and perspectives about Trans Awareness Week. 

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents (Or, How to Talk to a Machine)

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents (PVAs) are Microsoft chatbots created for the Power Platform. But unlike previous chatbots, PVAs don’t require custom code.

Creating a Unified Dataverse Search Experience in Canvas Apps

We walk you through how to set up a Dataverse Search (formally Relevance Search) API and connect it to Canvas apps in this step-by-step blog.

Governance Models for the Power Platform

As more organizations begin to deploy Power Platform resources, governance is a key aspect administrators need to plan for before it becomes unmanageable.

Getting to Know Microsoft’s Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit

Microsoft has created the Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit to lend a hand to organizations that decides to deploy Power Platform.

Citizen Developer Tools on the Power Platform

Becoming a citizen developer might seem like an impossible task, but with the right tools, the first step becomes infinitely easier.

Interact with Machine Learning Using PowerApps and Flow

Learn how to use PowerApps and Flow to create a custom connector model in Azure Machine Learning with this step-by-step walkthrough.

Interact with Machine Learning Using PowerApps and Flow – Part 2

Building on skills learned in our previous blog, interact with machine learning and create a mobile app using Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

Copy of: Microsoft PowerApps Training and Tips Series

We have outlined strategies to help you be effective in designing, creating, testing, and supporting Microsoft PowerApps in your organization.

PowerApps Tip: How to Get Past the 500 Items Limit

Another Powerapps tip for you: You may need to query a data source that has more than 500 rows. We share how in this blog.

Power Apps Tip: How to Print a Form in Power Apps

Printing in Power Apps used to require an extensive workaround, but now it's much easier. We walk through how to print and review the workaround.