Terraform For DevOps

How Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code and DevOps Automation Make Cloud Migrations Easier

About the Author
Adam Sebetich

Adam Sebetich is an Architect for our Modern Software Delivery practice. He is passionate about leveraging Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) for cloud resource deployment, using DevOps methodology to govern and manage infrastructure, and architecting cloud environments to be tailored towards his team’s goals and objectives. Adam breaks down old processes and methods surrounding infrastructure management by introducing new tools, capabilities and technologies to the cloud infrastructure space.

Adam started his career by consulting specifically in post-cloud migration validation, but he has since expanded his capabilities to cover the end-to-end cloud adoption journey. He believes that cloud capabilities are never-ending and is passionate about continually seeking the next cloud technology to learn and master. Follow Adam on LinkedIn.


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For Modern Software Delivery, Focus on Value, Not Utilization

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