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Cloud TCO: The Foundation for Fiscal Migration Planning

As we continue our FinOps blog series, we focus on building a total cost of ownership plan for cloud transformation.

How to Successfully Prepare for an AWS Migration: The Mobilize Phase

In our second blog about the phases of AWS Migration, we discuss the mobilize phase, walking you through the eight core areas to consider.

Scaling Agile Successfully: Is Your Business Ready?

In our white paper, we walk you through the challenges of scaling agile while providing you with solutions and steps so you can do it successfully.

Cloud FinOps: Aligning Cloud Adoption with a FinOps First Mentality

As we kick off our FinOps blog series, we give a high-level overview of the four primary areas of cloud transformation cost optimization.

Modernization + The Voice of the Customer: Flying with Southwest

Southwest Airlines recently left thousands of people stranded. Learn how to avoid such crises by integrating a modernization program with VOC.

Unpacking Agile Culture: Eight Representations and Structures

We walk through eight dominant traits of agile culture, breaking down each so you can establish these representations in your organizations.

How to Successfully Prepare for an AWS Migration: The Assess Phase

Preparation is an important step in your AWS migration. We break down the assess phase and tools to use to make planning go smoothly.

How to Use AWS Migration Evaluator to Harness the Power of the Cloud

Migrating to AWS may overwhelm, but with the AWS Migration Evaluator, you’ll be able to effectively leverage the cloud for your business.

Couch Convos: Test Automation in Software Development

In this episode of Couch Convos, we sit down with Pete Walen to talk about using test automation to support software development.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Agile Transformation to Ensure Success

Agile transformation can help your business thrive, but you have to do it right. We discuss some agile failures you may run into and provide solutions.

Application Modernization: Be Ready When Shift Happens Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar, our Modern Software Delivery experts discuss the rapid innovation and disruption businesses face with technology delivery.

Application Modernization: Be Ready When Shift Happens

Watch our on-demand webinar on application modernization. We’ll dive into best practices for modernizing your application portfolio and optimizing cost.