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Microsoft Azure provides the agility, scale, cost reduction opportunities, and infrastructure your business needs to compete and innovate.

There is no single, one-size-fits-all strategy for migrating applications to the cloud. Your migration strategy depends on your organization’s needs and priorities, and the kind of applications you are migrating.

Not all applications warrant the investment of moving to a platform as a service (PaaS) model or developing a cloud-native application model. In many cases, you can take a phased or incremental approach to invest in moving your assets to the cloud, based on your business needs.

For example, investing in cloud-native application architectures will help modern applications deliver the best long-term agility and value for your organization. However, for existing or legacy applications, the key is to spend minimal time and money while moving them to the cloud. That means making no rearchitecting or code changes to realize the cloud’s significant benefits.

We can help you get the most out of Microsoft Azure and determine the optimal path for moving your applications into the cloud, no matter how simple or complex.

Our Azure Web Modernization Services

Cloud Migration Strategy

We can help you create a plan for moving to the Azure cloud that includes rationalizing your approach to modernization for all your applications.

We’ll also create a blueprint for your future cloud deployment by creating a migration roadmap, schedule, and cost model.

Cloud Infrastructure Ready Migration

In this “Lift & Shift” migration approach, we’ll migrate or rehost your current on-premises applications to Azure’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform.

Your apps have almost the same composition as before, but now you deploy them to Azure VMs in the cloud.

Because this approach changes no code, you derive the immediate benefits of cloud-based hardware, potential cost savings, and high availability.

Cloud Optimized Modernization

Our cloud-optimized approach to migration includes containerizing your apps and additional cloud-managed services.

Your team will learn critical cloud skills while enhancing your ability to ship faster by expanding and refining your DevOps processes.

Cloud-Native Modernization

Cloud-native modernization may be the right approach for your mission-critical apps that differentiate you in the marketplace.

This approach allows for the highest degree of business agility, scalability, cost savings, and innovation.

Additional benefits include full implementation of modern DevOps practices and application resiliency.

Cloud Managed

We can ease your transition to the Azure Cloud by offering the right-sized team capable of ongoing support and technical expertise, break-fix support, and operational monitoring.

Client Story:

Powering M&A Migration with Microsoft Azure

After the online backup company, Carbonite acquired a new business, it needed to rapidly transition legacy systems to a cloud-optimized maturity model using Microsoft Azure. Over a weekend, we helped migrate applications and functionality to Carbonite’s existing infrastructure with minimal disruption to employees and customers. Carbonite’s applications now scale faster, enabling more frequent releases and supporting new processes more quickly.



Copilot for Microsoft 365: Fly High with AI

Are you ready to soar to new heights with Microsoft Copilot? With recent changes to Microsoft’s licensing model, Copilot is now more accessible for businesses and individual users who want to take advantage of this AI-powered productivity accelerator.

In this on-demand webinar, our Microsoft AI experts help you learn how to assess and level up your readiness for using the powerful AI tools that Copilot provides.

A Solid Partner with Domain Expertise

Centric has been a solid partner with domain expertise in helping integrate our data infrastructure with Salesforce and Marketo as well as the various internal systems. They’ve been involved in building on top of Azure and COSMOS, integrating with various engineering teams across the company. Pricing wise they are pretty in line with other vendors I’ve dealt with.

Gary Kamikawa, Former Director of Marketing Automation

Client Story:

Using Microsoft Azure for Exponential Capacity Growth

When a Seattle-based software company’s marketing group needed a robust, cloud-based hosting environment to support their complex, multi-channel needs, they turned to our Microsoft Azure Modernization team.

We used a variety of Azure tools to build out a .NET custom marketing platform that can support billions of requests per day. As a result, the company has expanded its marketing and data capacity exponentially without adding costly system administration or buying a single, on-premise server.


Rethinking Business Transformation:

In an age of constant change, you must rethink the approach to transformation and technology delivery.

Through our webinar you’ll learn why modern software delivery is fundamental to successful business transformation efforts. Our white paper shows you how to thrive through disruption by transforming to become a modern software delivery organization.

David O'Toole - WWT

Not seen as consultants, but team members

“Centric has done a great job in understanding not only the skills and expertise necessary for success, but they have also assimilated quickly to our culture. They have adapted best practices to the way we conduct business, without losing the integrity of ‘best practice’ methodology.

There is only one word I can use to describe by experience with Centric: partner. In the truest sense of a high performing partnership, a collaborative environment has been created to ensure complete clarity and trust throughout the project teams. Centric has done a great job integrating and adapting; they are not seen as a consultant, but a member of the team.”

David O'Toole, Director of Strategic Program Operations, World Wide Technology

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