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Sean Neben

Sean Neben

National Insurance IV Lead |  Chicago Insurance

Sean has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and is located in Chicago.  He is passionate about solving industry challenges by creating developing strategies, and designing and implementing tailored industry solutions.  Sean draws from his engineering and farming background to balance complexity with pragmatism.

Sean helps Insurance Carriers and Brokers address pressing issues, such as customer engagement, InsurTech solution integration, achieving specialization, and safely modernizing their platforms.

How AI-Powered Decisions Can Enhance the Insurance Value Chain

Prepare your insurance value chain to use the next two waves of AI — powered automation and decision-making.

Empower Progress in the Insurance Industry Through Strategic Initiatives

We share seven tips about how to use strategic imperatives to facilitate progress in the insurance industry, in this blog.

Preparing Insurance Carriers and Brokers for Generative AI

In this blog, we’ll focus on applying generative AI to the insurance industry today rather than using it to forecast the future.

Transitioning to the Guidewire Cloud for Insurance

Moving to the cloud is a heavy lift. Migrating to Guidewire Cloud is no exception. Consider these points before making the switch.

3 Ways to Ensure You Use the Right Insurtech Solutions to Solve Tough Industry Challenges

In this blog, we share three ways to make sure you realize the benefits of your insurtech solutions and avoid sprawl in your organization.

Testing ChatGPT: Evaluating Its Perspective on Insurance Industry Technology Trends

In this blog, one of our insurance experts asks ChatGPT about industry trends and evaluates the results.

Tying CRM, Core Systems and Digital Together in Insurance

We share how using a CRM, core systems and a digital strategy together can improve the customer experience in insurance.

Top 5 Insurance Trends for 2022

We look at 2022’s top five trends in the insurance industry, focusing on the central theme we see: new technology and innovation.

Insurance Brokers: Embracing Digital Innovation Due to Changing Customer Expectations

Insurance brokers must adapt to appeal to their current and new customers. We look at a few ways the insurance industry can use digital innovation.

Insurance Carriers: Embracing Digital Innovation Due to Changing Customer Expectations

Insurance carriers have to adapt to continue to appeal to their current and new customers. We look at a few way industry can use digital innovation.

Navigate What’s Next in Insurance: Three Industry Trends for 2021

The insurance industry is changing, and it’s not all because of the pandemic. We take a look at three prominent trends of 2021.

RPA Use Cases in Insurance: A Practical Guide

Learn how to fill in process gaps and identify use cases for robotic process automation and artificial intelligence in insurance core processes.