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DevOps automates software delivery to production process with continuous integration, testing, deployments, and cloud techniques so you beat competition. We can help you implement your strategy.


Our Approach to DevOps

Our approach is simple: We look at your business needs, your internal capabilities, and available technology first.

We then tailor a development and operations strategy to meet the needs of each organization and don’t prescribe a mandatory organizational structure or tools.

In other words, we don’t bring you a solution in search of a problem.

DevOps Capabilities

We know it takes work to shift your focus to achieve the goals of a DevOps culture and automate your software development and delivery pipeline. Our experts can help you implement DevOps by providing the following services:

  • Readiness assessments to help determine your organization’s existing maturity level and provide guidance on the value this approach can deliver
  • Process design to ensure this approach can be managed and measured across the organization, including its many tools, platforms, culture, skills, and deployment models
  • Transformation planning to ensure benefits are realized at an incremental pace



  • Architecture alignment that focuses on legacy incorporation into this new model as well as new development
  • DevOps governance that ensures longevity of the approach by providing a coordinated set of processes and tools for the enterprise
  • DevOps tool chain selection and implementation
  • Automated build and deployment tool implementation
  • Reliable automated testing at scale

Related Capabilities

Aside from our expertise in leading DevOps strategy, we also have proven experience in related capabilities such as:

Software QA & Testing

Involves capabilities necessary to move to continuous testing.

Agile Services

Ensures ongoing continuous improvements through transformations and coaching.

Cloud Services

Makes delivery automation faster and easier.

Change Management

Ensures successful DevOps adoption.

Application Lifecycle Management Services

Allows long-term support of critical business applications.


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The Phoenix Project Business Simulation Workshop

With your business and technology teams at odds, you’ll need a cultural shift for DevOps to work. Read a related blog 

The Phoenix Project Business Simulation Workshop can help. It’s a learn-by-doing workshop in which teams work on challenging issues within a simulated environment. The goal: To learn how to apply DevOps principles and values.

Each participant will play a role with specific tasks, responsibilities and authority. The facilitator will provide support and instructions and help the team reflect on their experiences and what they have learned. More on the workshop

We can guide you to a Business Anywhere future — one where every interaction is smart and seamless, every process is fully automated and paperless, and everyone is ready for whatever the future holds.



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