To beat your competition and deliver value faster, automate the software delivery to production process with DevOps


Speed kills and nothing is secret anymore, making it more obvious than ever that the only way to succeed is to be faster than your competition. The smartest, fastest way to get ahead is by implementing a DevOps strategy at your organization that emphasizes collaboration, communication and rapid feedback between software developers, testers and operations professionals.

All of this while working to automate the process of software delivery to production by incorporating techniques such as agile development, automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

By applying development and operations principles, tools and techniques across the entire delivery process, your organization can see improved deployment frequency, release quality, team productivity and architecture quality, while realizing faster business value.


DevOps Capabilities

We know it takes work to shift your focus to achieve the goals of a DevOps culture and automate your software development and delivery pipeline. Our experts can help you implement DevOps by providing the following services:

Our services include:

  • Readiness assessments to help determine your organization’s existing maturity level and provide guidance on the value this approach can deliver
  • Process design to ensure this approach can be managed and measured across the organization, including its many tools, platforms, culture, skills, and deployment models
  • Transformation planning to ensure benefits are realized at an incremental pace
  • Architecture alignment that focuses on legacy incorporation into this new model as well as new development
  • DevOps governance that ensures longevity of the approach by providing a coordinated set of processes and tools for the enterprise
  • DevOps tool chain selection and implementation
  • Automated build and deployment tool implementation
  • Reliable automated testing at scale

Our approach is simple: We look at your business needs first, your internal capabilities, and available technology. We then tailor a development and operations strategy to meet the needs of each organization and don’t prescribe a mandatory organizational structure or tools.

In other words, we don’t bring you a solution in search of a problem.


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Case Studies

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Learn how we can help you build your DevOps organization – from creating a framework and defining an IT operating model to outlining client-specific tools and implementing governance, processes, and practices. 

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