In today’s business world, data and analytics drive every decision made. Selecting the right technology tool plays a big part in successful implementation.

Episode six part 2

A company realizes it’s way behind the technology curve on data. The world runs on data, and they’re moving at a slow walk. We need to do something, but what?

In this episode of the Centric Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we continue our talk with Carlos Cruz, Jeremy Gruenwald, Sean Neben, and Ted Perez about how they took a client through the assessment of their data and analytics architecture, working toward a roadmap that drives the implementation of an enterprise solution.

In part two of this discussion, we discuss the challenges the team faced and how decision-making worked on the project. In addition, we cover how we reviewed the technology options. Centric doesn’t have specific technology partners but instead looks for the best fit for a client. This approach also means the field of possible tools is wide open, so how did the team get to a manageable list?

Our team’s experience spans the critical roles of a project like this, including the data architect, an expert in the company’s industry, and a project manager keeping the initiative on the right track. They each present their view of the work and what it meant to overall success.

Join us in our discussion to hear what it took to make this assessment project a success!

John Kackley is a senior manager and program manager at Centric Chicago.

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