Learn how to go beyond email with Office 365 and adopt a new organizational mindset to produce business results.

With Office 365, Microsoft has created a secure platform to modernize how employees, partners and suppliers communicate, collaborate, and do business anytime and from any device around the globe.

These new capabilities can change how you do business, which translates into you helping you succeed, not just function.

Most organizations are successfully using Office 365 for email, but that’s usually as far as they get. They are missing much of the great value Office 365 can provide. By going beyond email and implementing the platform’s advanced social, collaboration, and workflow capabilities, organizations can create a culture of collaboration that serves as a truly differentiating business experience.

Office 365 helps your organization technically mature to keep up with new market demands and employee preferences. It also modernizes how organizations connect across the business to build and quickly move ideas to execution while embracing a mindset of technical collaboration. But advanced implementation requires a new way of thinking that embraces a technology and culture mindset change.

Join Centric Consulting for a complimentary event on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at the Microsoft Office in Boston as we explore how we have helped organizations move beyond the typical Office 365 implementation to improve organizational collaboration and results all levels and ages of employees by putting in place a structure that drives a new business mindset through technology.

Event Timeline:

5 to 5:30 p.m. – Appetizers and Registration

5:30 to 7:30 p.m. – Presentation and Discussion

More Details:

Change management, Office 365 collaboration and product experts will highlight how the technology landscape is changing to better meet business and employee needs, how Microsoft has evolved to address these needs with Office 365, and how the Office 365 suite of tools work to support business. They will also share a model to ensure strong adoption – and explain how Office 365 provides your employees with a new type of digital experience that more technical savvy employees have grown to expect.

Throughout the event, we’ll share examples of how other organizations have successfully adopted Office 365. You won’t want to miss this event if your organization is considering a move to Office 365, actively engaged in a migration to Office 365, or already using Office 365 but would like to gain momentum in driving adoption.

You will also have the opportunity to meet leaders like yourself and network with your peers.

Presentation Agenda

  • Introductions
  • The Changing Technology Business Landscape
  • Microsoft evolution of Office 365 to meet the changing business environment
  • Office 365 suite of tools and how they support business
  • Steps to strong collaboration and adoption

About the Speakers

Scott Hull is the New England National Organizational Change Management Practice lead based in Boston. He is on a mission to engage organizational leadership in effectively managing the people-side of major business transformation. Scott has developed project, program, enterprise and global-level organizational effectiveness solutions for companies ranging from 100 to 300,000 employees in the public and private sectors. He has a passion for building effective long-lasting change solutions; creating and implementing user-focused change plans, and driving results.

Aaron Aude is a National Enterprise Collaboration Practice Lead based in Cincinnati. Through his career, he has helped people work better together in many different companies across the U.S. and abroad. Aaron has had the opportunity to develop applications, design and architect solutions and help direct venture capital into innovative ideas. For a few years around 2004, Aaron was actively involved in what Thomas Friedman calls the “Flat World.” He helped set up and manage a global development center and experience first hand what it means to develop by ‘following the sun.’ Aaron carries a passion for collaboration, for medicine and for genomics. Bringing these three areas together fuels an interest in combining my background in Information Technology with applied medical services through bioinformatics.