Aaron Aude

National Portal and Collaboration Service Offering Lead

Work Experience

Aaron has more than 15 years of information systems experience in project management, global development and outsourcing strategy, application architecture and construction. Aaron also formed, managed and successfully grew an automotive practice, started up a Microsoft Information Worker Center of Excellence and served as technical liaison for a venture capital firm to secure startup funds.

Aaron got his start with technology as a matter of necessity during his senior thesis research work studying cardiac output in the American lobster. Aaron had the dubious distinction of developing real-time volumetric algorithms on a Macintosh Quadra and SuperScope II.

Since those laboratory days, Aaron has worked with many organizations of varied sizes in the U.S. and abroad, helping to alloy technology solutions to real-world needs. As portal and collaborative technologies have become more mature over the past ten years, Aaron has focused on understanding these technologies and helping clients leverage their value.

Personal Statement

Aaron has a great family and digs hanging out with them hiking, fishing, camping or just watching WALLE for the 35th time. Aaron is involved in Boy and Cub Scouts and a number of church ministries. He also really enjoys cooking and combining his passion for integrating technology with biomedical science through bioinformatics.


B.S. Biology, Roanoke College
Recently admitted to Johns Hopkins University’s Master of Science program in BioInformatics