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Aaron Aude

Healthcare Practice Lead - Life Sciences

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Collaboration, Office 365, Solution architecture and Advanced Algorithms.

Get to Know Me

I’m blessed to have three kids and an amazing wife – and family life alone keeps life interesting and busy.

I enjoy cooking (shining as the sous chef) and have been involved in a number of church ministries. Over the years, I’ve kit and scratch-built radio-controlled aircraft and have only recently started to use fully autonomous soft/hardware to enable these planes to fly on their own.

Lastly, I’m passionate about integrating technology with genomics through bioinformatics.

Who inspires you and why?

Everett Koop, former US Surgeon General. Dr. Koop had a strong theme of consistency in his life – he consistently tackled hard problems in science with humility. He consistently held to his convictions and he consistently did not take life too seriously.

What’s your favorite book and why?

One of my favorite books continues to be Alchemy of Air by Thomas Hager.  This is the true story of how two scientists, Fritz Haber and Karl Bosch, rose to the grandest of challenges in the early 20th century – fixing nitrogen from the air. I’ve read the book at least three times through – and each time I come away with a new appreciation of human ingenuity, raw luck and irrational persistence.

What’s your hidden talent?

Perhaps not hidden, but not widely known. I studied piano for 15 years and the French Horn for six. While a junior in high school I won a national fine arts competition and then had to play piano in front of over 3,000 people. Although I’ve not played horn for a while, a good friend and former principal horn chair in the CSO leaned me his horn to use for a concert. What an experience!

It’s The Creativity of a Solution That Makes it Elegant

Aaron Aude, Healthcare Practice Lead - Life Sciences, Centric Consulting