Top 25 U.S. Bank: Mobile App for Banking

Centric’s mobile application development team creates a unique banking app, providing ground-breaking customer money management functionality

Key-Bank-Site_homepageThe Business Need

Our client, a leading U.S. retail bank, wanted to design and develop a new mobile banking application to replace their existing mobile application. Their legacy application was not designed for the needs of the mobile user, nor did it exploit the functionality of typical mobile devices.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Our client partnered with Centric to form a team of User Experience designers and iPhone developers and users to build an iPhone prototype app to demonstrate functionality for its retail banking customers. The application was refined through a pilot launch that leveraged formal usability testing to ensure the design met the needs of the customer. Lastly, the application was integrated with back-end banking systems to provide a seamless, integrated experience.


The iPhone app allowed our client to provide an engaging way for customers to interact and manage their money when on the go. The application leveraged unique features of the mobile device to make the experience rich and interesting, while keeping the design clean and intuitive.

This innovative app was created using Centric’s Mobile Development Framework:

  • UX design was built exclusively for the mobile device to make it intuitive for the user and consistent with other mobile user interfaces , while making the experience highly engaging and fun.
  • An initial prototype was built to optimize the experience on an iPhone, while ensuring that design can be extended to other mobile platforms including Android and possibly Blackberry.
  • Centric’s design concepts and UX recommendations for mobile banking compelled our client to ask us to provide design concepts and UX leadership for the bank’s existing online web properties.
  • The project included formal usability testing. The design team supported this effort by developing questions to pose to users to confirm UX design assumptions.
  • The team followed a rapid, iterative development approach to building the iPhone prototype and pilot, allowing for a shortened define / design / development process.

Mobile Banking case study