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Digital Strategy and Transformation Consulting

We work with you to develop a strategy that maximizes the role digital plays in your customer experience.


Key Components of Our Digital Strategy

Digital strategy facilitates sorting through options, discovering where to startand aligning your leadership team with modern digital enablement. 

Ideally, your digital strategy will include: 

  • Insights that generate clarity for what users need and why 
  • Capabilities that further create integration to the businesseither enhancing what you are currently doing or adding new ways to engage with your audience 
  • Technologies that maximize interactions between brands and target audiences. 

A Well-Developed Digital Strategy Helps You Create Great Experiences

Such a modern, carefully planned digital strategy allows you to improve the experience for your customers. They are already using tools with various digital capabilities, and they are always looking for better digital transformation tools. Your digital strategy will enable you to meet them where they are and help them reach their strategic goals.

Suppose you fail to craft a digital strategy that requires the implementation of a digital mindset, processes, and solutions within your organization. In that case, you will get further away from your customers as their expectations go one way and your capabilities go another.

Instead, keep your company and customers on the same path by developing a digital roadmap that informs them, gives them better ways to dialogue with you, and instills a sense of empathy and control over their interactions.

How We Can Help With Your Digital Transformation

Changing market dynamics means reimagining how you operate and service customers at all levels, from sales and marketing to customer service and experience.

At Centric Consulting, we understand that to build a 21st-century business, companies need to think beyond today and how to create a sustainable future. We enable holistic transformation for our clients across core dimensions of transformation, experiences, technologies, operations and data.

Strategically designing for change allows an organization and its employees to thrive in modern modes of interaction and engagement. Successful companies focus on customer success and finding solutions that are rooted in collected data, are easy to use and that use modern tooling and new capabilities to make doing business simple.

Like many change processes, digital transformation begins with defining the end goal. To optimize results, set the destination of your company’s future and outline specific steps required to meet the objective.

Our experienced transformation consultants can help pave the way for leaders to enable teams as they close the gap between customer expectation and their current execution.

Through a series of collaborative sessions, we will ideate, define and design a what the digital channel should do for your customers and employees, as well as how to get from Point A to Point B.



Microsoft Dynamics 365: Gain Better Insights From Your CRM

You have customer data in your CRM. Now what?

Our customer experience, data analytics and Microsoft experts explain how optimizing your use of D365 can help you predict future customer behaviors, drive sales and improve your organization’s customer-centricity.


Repair? Optimize? Innovate? Key Digital Strategy Decision Points

Our Digital Experience Design team uses advanced analytics of customer data and each interaction along the employee and customer journey to ask:

Does It Need Repair? 

You must repair experiences when they do not work. Repair is an important part of your digital strategy because you will lose users if things don’t work. Repair lets them know you are listening and addressing their problems.

Can It Be Optimized?

Solutions that require more work than simple repair but result in a better way of doing things are optimized—optimization results in a better way of doing an old task. 

Is It Time to Innovate?

Innovative solutions are differentiators. They create a space that didn’t exist before and lead the way to Digital Modernizationusing digital tools to deliver unexpected experiences. 

Our Advantage: Experiential Enablement

As a trusted partner for many clients, we pride ourselves on experiential enablement, helping your organization embed digital solutions and thinking into its everyday thinking, not just turning over digital solutions and a playbookOne way we do this is by applying quantitative desirability, feasibility and viability measures throughout our process: 

  • Desirability: Do our research and insights show users want the digital solution we are proposing? 
  • Feasibility: Can the organization deliver the solution while achieving cost savings or avoiding additional costs? 
  • ViabilityDoes the solution add value by driving performance indicators, operational efficiencies and digital investments?

When employees begin applying this framework to every decision, they gain a more holistic look across their companies to direct digital resources toward enabling the most important customer experiences.

Digital transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

That’s why we combine business and technology expertise in the search for answers to your challenges. Together with you, we create custom solutions based on your needs, industry, and desired outcome.


Digital Strategy, Customer Experiences and Business Agility

Customers need different things from you throughout their journey. A digital strategy gives you the agility to play different roles or take on different experience archetypes at vital strategic points.

For example, think of a customer filing an auto insurance claim. When they log on to the company’s website, they expect the company to identify them quickly and safeguard their information. At this moment, the company plays the role of protector. 

As the customer files their claim, they expect empathy—they have experienced a loss and want the company to demonstrate a feeling of understanding. The insurer must be a caregiver. When the company surprises the customer, they almost become magicians by connecting them seamlessly to the repair shop.

Finally, when the claim is settled, the vehicle is repaired, and the customer is back on the road, the company is the hero. At each step, digital technology plays different parts in creating the customer experience, building brand loyalty, and profitability. A digital strategy lets you map these points and identify the best solution at every interaction, touchpoint, and moment.

Solutions for Customer Understanding

Our solutions help organizations gain better customer understanding to foster innovation for their brand, products, and consumer experiences while solving both strategic and tactical business challenges.

Client First Approach

“Centric has been a pleasure to do business with. I continue to be impressed with the level of talent the Centric leadership team has brought to the project. Their ‘client first’ approach has brought a freshness to the experience which can be seen in every person on the team.”

David O'Toole, Director of Strategic Program Operations, World Wide Technology

You want to compete in a digital world. Together we can get you there.