Legacy CIS Maintenance

Centric provided end-to-end legacy CIS application support to help client accelerate conversion to new CIS.

The Business Need

The client was in the early stages of selecting and implementing a new Customer Information System (CIS). In order to allow their internal technical team to grow and develop the knowledge necessary to maintain the new CIS, the client wanted to shift most of their support staff to focus on the development and implementation of the new CIS.

The client recognized the need to accelerate the transition of resources away from their legacy system and onto the new CIS implementation team. The client needed a partner that could provide expertise for two legacy CIS systems and who had the functional and technical know-how to hit the ground running. The new team needed to be productive in just weeks, rather than the typical 6+ month ramp-up required when bringing on new consultants.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric assembled a team of CIS experts spanning multiple functional areas that could apply their domain knowledge and focus on the key technical differences of the client’s CIS systems. The ramp time was virtually eliminated since the Centric team was fully versed on the business and technical aspects of CIS operations.

The strong partnership between client resources and skilled Centric consultants allowed a seamless and accelerated shifting of client personnel to the new CIS implementation team with no interruption to the ongoing support of the legacy CIS.

Key activities performed by Centric included:

  • Support of the core CIS applications and the applications that interface to it
  • Development of data extracts to move data from existing systems to the new CIS
  • Rewrite of existing interfaces and applications necessary for moving the new CIS

Technologies utilized included COBOL, .NET Framework, Oracle, PowerBuilder and Visual Basic.


Centric consultants were up to speed and coding changes to the client’s CIS in a matter of days. New programs were delivered and running in production within two weeks and Centric consultants were integrated into the 24-hour on-call rotation within six weeks.

In addition, Centric team members completed many of the high-priority backlog requests and enhancements that the client had not had the capacity to complete. Centric’s depth of knowledge and success in supporting the client’s needs allowed the transition of additional internal resources to the new CIS implementation. Centric team members were also able to provide expertise and support for various aspects of the new CIS implementation.