20 Years DP&L

How 20 Years Together Made Two Companies Stronger Than Ever

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The Results: Building a Better Team

20 Years of Changes

For 20 years, DP&L has also consistently remained one of our largest clients. We have worked with them on strategic projects supporting their business and have positioned DP&L as an anchor account for our company.

In our first ten years with DP&L, we assisted the team in creating Electric Choice and helped decommission its natural gas arm with the divestiture to Vectren. As one of our first clients, the organization helped create the stability integral to building our company. DP&L’s relationship was fundamental in transforming our company from three to four employees into a workforce of 900-plus strong.

But as with any partnership, working together benefitted both of our companies.

In 2011, the AES Corporation acquired DP&L. Amidst the transition, Centric acted as the glue to help ensure no one missed a beat. We confidently ensured that the company could move forward on key strategic initiatives while Centric seamlessly supported DP&L’s back-office systems and processes. Our original and ongoing goal of working with DP&L is to make their lives easier and to deliver our services efficiently and effectively.

Over the years, we frequently saw opportunities encouraging DP&L to say “Yes” to changes that most other Energy and Utility Companies would decline. We were able to help them further translate business needs to IT and vice versa to ensure both groups were productive. When requirements defined additional new team members or that a new service line would ensure successful project execution, we would collaborate with DP&L about implementation.

But our work together wasn’t always about expansion. It was also about taking a step back and realizing when we were no longer needed. It’s just as important to know we can make this client more successful, even when it might mean it needs less Centric.

At first, our story with DP&L was about assisting with the state’s new deregulation and working on improving DP&L’s technology assets to address new competition. But the more we worked together, the more our relationship has become about effectively managing significant change with minimal or no disruption of service — both for transformations and our own growth.

20 Years of Collaboration

DP&L took a chance on a small startup 20 years ago. As partners, we have worked cohesively as a team across the company on projects relating to its customer service and billing system and many other critical IT systems. Other projects included standing up new companies, entering and exiting the unregulated generation market, divesting pieces of its business and navigating what it meant to be acquired by AES.

We also worked together to maintain and enhance DP&L’s ERP systems, such as Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) and Oracle Work and Asset Management (Oracle WAM), integrating with the cloud, supporting analytics initiatives and performing upgrades along the way.

DP&L sees Centric as a true partner, and that partnership has proved to be a mutual source of stability through 20 years of technological advances and business transformations.

In our 20 years of work with DP&L, we’ve watched 20 years of Unmatched Experiences unfold before our eyes, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.   

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