AMR Client Story Hybrid Workplace Strategy

Helping AMR Employees and Leaders Thrive in New Hybrid Workplace

Enter Centric: When Going Hybrid, Strategy Comes First

We helped AMR reimagine its workplace.The resulting hybrid strategy defined:

  • The work and roles employees could successfully perform remotely
  • Operating norms and new ways of working aligned to leadership’s vision
  • The space allocation needed for future onsite associates
  • The essential policy changes to make to enable a hybrid way of working
  • An implementation plan to enable a successful transition to the new hybrid workplace

The Results: Ensuring Employees Thrive in a Hybrid Environment

While having a solid hybrid workplace strategy is the foundation of a successful transition to permanently adopting remote work, it’s also essential that employees know how to engage, connect, lead and achieve in a hybrid setting.

To that end, we implemented our series of in-depth best practice guides and workshops to assist employees in building the essential knowledge to operate effectively in the new workplace environment.

We are delivering these 90-minute, interactive workshops over a period of six months. The workshops combine Centric’s more than 20 years of experience operating as a remote and hybrid workplace, as well as the latest research-backed best practices on the market.

The workshops walk through actionable best practices, self-assessments and tip sheets.

Topics we cover for employees include:

  • Optimizing your remote workspace
  • Managing work-life balance in a hybrid environment
  • Building relationships and your influence in a hybrid environment

The workshops also cover the following topics for leaders:

  • Ensuring hybrid employees have the tools and environment to thrive
  • Leading individual performance and growth in a hybrid environment
  • Leading team effectiveness in a hybrid environment

The content lives on beyond the 90-minute presentations. The company is recording each workshop so employees can refer to the workshops if needed and to set up future hires for success.

Explore how our best practice guides and workshops can help by connecting with us.