Operating a hybrid work model effectively can be challenging and impact the employee experience. But sharing best practice approaches to communications and ways of working greatly benefits hybrid workplace culture and overall success.

Centric Consulting has developed a series of guides and workshops to help people do their best work and establish good habits for succeeding in a remote or hybrid workplace.

Our hybrid work model best practice guides and workshops are based on more than 20 years of experience operating as a hybrid workplace, the work we have done with clients to build sustainable hybrid work models, and our review of best practices in the marketplace.

Grounded in principles outlined by our company CEO and Forbes contributor, Larry English, in his book, Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture with Virtual Teams, our Best Practice Guides are a unique blend of assessment tools, practice guides, agreements and tips.

Many leaders are wondering if a return to office is right for their organization and to what extent. No matter which future of work model you choose-hybrid, remote first, or fully remote-our experts can help you define your strategy and implement it in a way that provides employees the most opportunity to flourish.