Delivering New Customer Experiences with Salesforce

Enter Centric: A Robust Engagement Plan

The client partnered with Centric Consulting’s Miami team and our Salesforce Consulting Services practice because of our experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, our dedication to partnering with clients to understand their business and goals, and our reputation for successful delivery.

The initial engagement was an assessment of the client’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment. The results were both a review of the client’s current Marketing Cloud environment and usage and valuable insights gained from working with the client that increased our understanding of their business.

They helped us partner with the client team to develop an engagement plan that met their expectations, including priorities, timing and budget.

The plan focused on three primary goals:

  1. Use Marketing Cloud to communicate with customers on a wider array of messaging.
  2. Enhance the customer experience.
  3. Improve the client’s ongoing platform operations.

To support increasing the range of messages the client could send to customers, we integrated Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the client’s instance of Salesforce Service Cloud. This provided access to a wider range of customer data to enable more accurate and timely financial messaging, improving our client’s ability to message customers with clarity while decreasing the business cost associated with calls to the contact center because of inaccurate or untimely messaging.

The next initiative was to review the existing customer journeys to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience. One outcome was the creation of an “onboarding journey” to introduce the clients to the brand and the services available to them. A second outcome was optimizing existing journeys based on additional data and metrics.

Finally, we conducted all our work with consideration for best practices based on current usage and future scaling in an efficient and effective way. This included working with the client to improve their processes for using Marketing Cloud, improving their email deliverability, and enabling increased reporting.

The Results: Improved Customer Communication and Experiences

Our partnership with the client helped them achieve their goal of providing a better customer experience. This was done by partnering with the client to understand their business, data and processes while using our Salesforce Marketing Cloud expertise. The results improved our client’s ability to deliver relevant and timely customer communications, drive valuable customer engagement, and improve associated business outcomes.

The resulting customer experiences included new customer journeys based on real-time engagement data and accurate financial information, including communications based on significant financial touchpoints with the brand. The client also made the strategic decision to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud as their single platform for all customer communications. This included using it to trigger marketing and transactional messaging (both email and SMS) rather than other platforms or the company’s customer portal.

Integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Service Cloud has given the client many new opportunities to understand and engage their customers. Data coming from the integration and the optimized journeys has enabled the creation of new metrics and insights to help the client better understand the customer experience.

This, in turn, helps define future journeys that can be completed with a greater level of personalization and helps define areas for customer experience testing. In addition, we provided the client with training on the solution and documentation so they can understand the work done and become more self-sufficient using it.

Finally, we not only delivered this solution for the client, but we continue to partner with them to advance their business goals and customer experience. They plan to build on their Salesforce investments and learnings to improve the customer experience and increase business value for multiple brands across the broader enterprise. As our partnership continues, we are excited to work with the client to further enable and deliver new customer experiences, strengthen customer relationships, and drive additional business value.

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