Delivering New Customer Experiences with Salesforce

Enter Centric: A Robust Engagement Plan

The client partnered with Centric Miami and our Marketing & CRM Technology Practice because of our experience with Salesforce, dedication to partnering with our clients to understand their business and goals, and our reputation for successful delivery.

The initial engagement was an assessment of the client’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment. We used the assessment’s results, combined with insights gained from working with the client and our increased understanding of its business, to partner with its team to develop an engagement plan that met their expectations, including priorities, timing and budget.

The initial engagement included:

  • Marketing Cloud Connect Implementation — Integrate Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud enabled a wider range of customer communications based on more accurate information synched in a timelier manner. In the case of financial related messaging, inaccurate or untimely messages can result in an unpleasant and confusing customer experience, as well as drive calls to the contact center, increasing operational costs. So, there was value in this work to both the customer and the business.
  • Customer Journey Development and Advancement — This consisted of updating its existing customer journeys with improved architecture, metrics and monitoring, and also developing net new customer journeys. This step included the development and launch of a new finance customer “onboarding journey” to improve the customer experience. It also introduced customers to the brand and demonstrated how to access available services.
  • Best Practices Implementations — This enabled the Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance to operate more effectively and efficiently, improve email deliverability, enable greater reporting and set the foundation for future scaling and usage.

The Results: Improved Customer Communication and Experiences

Our partnership with the client helped improve its ability to deliver relevant customer communications, drive customer engagement and increase financial account awareness.

How was this done? To start, integrating new data into Salesforce Marketing Cloud allowed it to develop new customer journeys and metrics. We partnered with the company to create new customer journeys based on real-time engagement data and accurate financial transaction data, including around significant financial touchpoints with the brand. Next, the client made a decision to move toward a single platform for customer communications, including email and text, as well as triggering sends from Marketing Cloud that may have previously been done by other platforms (including its website).

As a business, the client now has:

  • New and optimized customer journeys and trigger events
  • Customer segmentation that supports existing and new customer journeys
  • Data that enables new metrics and key performance indicators to understand its impact on customers and the business
  • An advanced platform configuration, solution training and documentation.

While this initial project did quite a bit to help our client connect with customers in new ways, it’s also led to new opportunities to expand its customer experiences, brand and communications.

We have continued to partner with the client to advance its business goals and customer experience, including:

  • Enabling new customer experiences, including payment reminders, service reminders and electronic payment notifications
  • Expanding communications to multiple brands, leveraging its Salesforce investments and learnings to improve the customer experience and increase the business value across the broader enterprise
  • Initiating multi-channel communications, including its first text messaging program to engage customers approaching the end of their vehicle lease term. The project uses Salesforce Mobile Connect to push text messages to customers who are approaching the end of their lease contract and provide them with the available end-of-lease options.

As our partnership continues, we are excited to work with the client to further enable and deliver new customer experiences, strengthen customer relationships, and drive additional business value.

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