Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Azure are utilized to build a marketing automation platform that delivers billions of messages to millions of customers.

The Business Need

Our client, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), develops and sells productivity software delivered either online through a browser SaaS model or via more traditional desktop or mobile apps. Increasingly, licensing is a monthly subscription model.

To better connect with customers and increase monthly subscriptions, the ISV needed an engagement-focused marketing platform that allows for full lifecycle marketing –  to send personalized and relevant communications through various marketing channels.

The platform needed to be able to segment customer information and deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns via email, websites, call centers, and apps (desktop and mobile). Massive scale was also an imperative. Billions of messages would need to be sent to hundreds of millions of customers.

Enter Centric

Centric worked with the ISV to build a powerful marketing automation platform that allows their marketing team to implement the sophisticated campaigns needed to drive results. A typical campaign includes:

  • Segmenting the customer base. For example, segment users whose usage had declined and their subscription was soon to expire.
  • Defining complex campaign logic that specifies the timing and destination of the message to be delivered based on real-time customer actions
  • Creating targeted messages to display on various digital customer touch points (email, call center, mobile, desktop, web), and
  • Sending billions of messages and tracking vital KPIs, such as message views, message-opens, and, most importantly, conversions.

Technically, this was a complex solution to implement requiring:

  • Integration with big-data scale databases containing the ISV’s customer account, real-time usage, billing, and licensing data needed for marketing campaign segmentation
  • Centric’s Agile development team of project managers, architects, developers, and testers (20 – 50 resources). The current team continues to enhance the platform with feature requests needed to implement even higher-value campaigns.
  • Seamless integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the email delivery engine
  • The build of a massive Azure cloud-based platform consisting of more than 800 web worker roles accumulating to more than 1,700 cores. Azure table storage, blob storage, and SQL storage measures into the terabytes.
  • Monitoring of the mission-critical platform via offshore staff located in Centric’s New Delhi solution center. Tools utilized include Azure’s Application Insight.

Centric Delivers

The marketing automation platform Centric built has been a resounding success. Utilizing complex algorithms, the ISV’s marketers are able to deliver personalized messages to millions of customers with numerous digital touch points. Increased revenue due to higher subscriptions rates and subscription renewals is estimated in the billions of dollars.