Enterprise Program Management

Together, we can help you build capabilities to deliver strategies and initiatives in an agile, rapid and value-driven manner. 

Navigating Enterprise Program Management Challenges

Being agile and turning strategy into business value has become a real challenge. Companies can have the best strategies in the world, but if they can’t deliver on them, they’re worthless.

There’s a long list of reasons why companies struggle with EPM today – here are some:

Projects might not align with rapidly changing business strategies

Lack of 360-degree view of project portfolio across business units

No governance to align priorities and rank initiatives and projects

PMOs are often bureaucratic and slow things down versus enabling change

Lack of clarity on project value and how to measure value creation

Not having the right people involved upfront to create good plans

No standards in how work is organized and planned

Lack of accurate, real-time, and automated reporting

Blended Well With Our Experts

Centric resources were able to quickly assess our needs for an in-flight technology implementation and immediately add value to our program – spanning areas such as requirements definition to training. The resources worked well with a mix of internal stakeholders, project sponsors and technology experts to support an aggressive implementation timeline. Centric’s knowledge of the technology platform was crucial in their ability to drive us to a successful launch.

Sheryl Markov, SVP, Head of Marketing Operations, Northern Trust

Enterprise Program Management Services

Here’s how we can help elevate your portfolio, program and project management business functions:

EPM Education, Evaluation and Roadmapping

The ability to deliver strategic programs and projects that deliver significant business value has never been more important or difficult as it is in today’s economy. We can help you identify opportunities to improve the maturity and alignment of EPM capabilities to enable business agility and value realization. We share results in a collaborative way & a meaningful way and work with you on an actionable EPM capability roadmap to drive ongoing maturation and improvement initiatives.

EPM Capability Development

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when creating or enhancing a project or program management office (PMO) and its supporting EPM capabilities. You need the most effective organizational solution for optimal results. Together, we can help you implement or improve your EPM capabilities including portfolio management, intake, program and project governance, reporting, agile delivery methods, tools selection & implementation, and delivery leadership training.


EPM Execution and Delivery Services

To address the ever-increasing pace of change and number of initiatives, your company might need a trusted partner to help with delivery. Regardless of whether the need is to help lead large and complex initiatives, help turn around under performing projects, or address surges in project demand, we’ll work with you to execute your most important programs and projects.​ Our experienced professionals are seasoned change leaders, have strong business and technology acumen, and assimilate seamlessly into organizations and their culture.

Are you struggling with portfolio management during a crisis?

Learn the strategies you need to better prioritize your projects so you can keep your long-term goals in mind.

The EPM capabilities of portfolio, program, and project management drive all aspects of a company’s ability to execute against their strategy and deliver business value.

Despite their importance, each of these capabilities must evolve to meet the needs of a more globalized economy, the speed of business transformations, and the constant modernization of product management and software delivery methods.

We have the frameworks and supporting tool kits to upscale end-to-end EPM capabilities and rapidly deliver value.



Time is a premium with constant disruptions so starting with the end of mind is critical. Businesses that successfully transform and build out world-class EPM capabilities will be able to:

  • Ensure investments align with strategic vision
  • Bridge the gap between strategy and execution to accelerate value realization
  • Enable agile delivery of new business & technology capabilities
  • Provide a 360° view of initiatives across the organization
  • Provide effective governance of costs, resources and risk
  • Establish standards & metrics, reporting to make data relevant, timely & accessible across the global footprint
  • Yields ability to respond to unexpected events without losing sight of the company’s highest goals

Business does not happen in a vacuum.

Technology and digital innovations are spurring business transformation, and growing requires adapting to new services – or creating your own. We have the experience and expertise to help you do both.

To have success with Enterprise Program Management, you have to start at the beginning, addressing the issues causing inconsistency, from strategy to execution to leadership and accountability.

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