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Together, we can help you build capabilities to deliver strategies and initiatives in an agile, rapid and value-driven manner. 


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The development and implementation of an organization’s product or service can be a high-stake endeavor. Plus, today’s level of disruption and pace of change is accelerating rapidly within companies, putting pressure on their ability to execute strategic initiatives.

To help companies address these dynamics, Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management (EPPM) has evolved from a supporting function within companies to a core business capability focused on end-to-end strategy execution and value realization. 

EPPM functions, including project portfolio management, program management and project management consulting services, play a critical role in aligning, prioritizing, managing, and governing change efforts across the organization.

Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management enables seamless integration, product innovation, and better risk management and decision-making when overcoming difficult challenges. Our intent is to help our clients succeed and tackle complex projects.

Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management Challenges

Being agile and turning strategy into business value, products and services has become a real challenge. Companies can have the best business strategies in the world, but if they can’t deliver the desired outcomes, they’re worthless. That’s why companies can turn to our skilled project management institute for professional advice that yields tangible results.

Modern Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management should build development strategies and successfully deliver sustainable results. Dozens of factors play a role in achieving this success, such as business strategies, business processes, financial management and more. The process is extensive, and PMOs are often bureaucratic and slow things down rather than enabling change. In addition, many other factors can make it difficult to generate the desired outcomes:

Lack of project alignment with rapidly changing business skills, business strategies and business needs

Lack of 360-degree view of project portfolio across business units

Lack of governance to align priorities and rank initiatives or projects

PMOs are often bureaucratic and slow things down versus enabling change

Lack of clarity on project value and how to measure value creation

Lack of the right job or project managers involved upfront to create good plans and solutions

Lack of standards in how work is organized and planned among team members or member firms

Lack of accurate, real-time, and automated reporting



Execute Strategy Faster With Enterprise Portfolio & Program Management

Discover the ways EPPM can help bridge the gap between strategy and execution and how upgraded EPPM capabilities can help your business continue to pivot to achieve value.



Here’s how we can help elevate your portfolio, project and program management business functions:

EPPM Education, Evaluation and Roadmapping

Our program management consultant team and EPPM experts can help you identify opportunities to improve the maturity and alignment of your EPPM capabilities to enable business agility and value realization.

They share results in a collaborative and meaningful way, working with clients on an actionable EPPM capability roadmap to drive ongoing maturation and improvement initiatives.

EPPM Capability Development

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when creating or enhancing EPPM capabilities. You need the most effective organizational solution and project planning for optimal results.

We work with you to implement or improve EPPM capabilities, including portfolio management, strategic alignment and planning, intake, program and project governance, reporting, agile delivery methods, tools selection and implementation, and delivery leadership training.

EPPM Execution and Delivery Services

Whether your projects are new, underperforming, or struggling to meet new demands, our project management consulting team will work with you to execute your most important initiatives.

Our experienced professionals are seasoned change leaders, with strong business and technology acumen and expert management consultant experience. They assimilate seamlessly into your organization and its culture to develop an EPPM strategy that delivers solutions.

Benefits of EPPM

Benefits of EPPM

Time is a premium with constant disruptions so starting with the end in mind is critical. Businesses that successfully transform and build out world-class EPPM capabilities will be able to:

  • Ensure investments align with strategic vision
  • Bridge the gap between strategy and execution to accelerate value realization
  • Enable agile delivery of new business & technology capabilities
  • Provide a 360° view of initiatives across the organization
  • Provide effective governance of costs, resources and risk
  • Establish standards & metrics, reporting to make data relevant, timely & accessible across the global footprint
  • Respond to unexpected events without losing sight of the company’s highest goals


Selecting High-Impact Projects: Improve Demand Management Processes to Maximize ROI

Every leader who endures the annual corporate budget cycle should come prepared with headache medicine and a small supply of antacid. The problem is the same year after year – there always seems to be more needs than funding allows.

In this white paper, we’ll cover the foundation of that process while outlining the steps one $20B tech company took on its journey to successful demand management and informed prioritization.


EPPM Capabilities and Value Delivery

The EPPM capabilities of portfolio, program, and project management drive all aspects of a company’s ability to execute against their strategy and deliver business value.

Despite their importance, each of these capabilities must evolve to meet the needs of a more globalized economy, the speed of business transformations, and the constant modernization of product development, product management and software delivery methods.

We have the frameworks, project team and supporting tool kits to upscale end-to-end EPPM capabilities and rapidly deliver value.


Business does not happen in a vacuum.

Technology and digital innovations are spurring business transformation, and growing requires adapting to new products and services — or creating your own. It is our job to provide the experience and expertise to help you create solutions and adapt to new services.

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