Centric plays an integral role in marketing operations – the engine fueling how marketing automation gets done.

Put succinctly, we make marketing work.

Marketo released a study citing 500 CMOs and senior marketing executives who believe the pace of technological evolution in early 2016, mobile lifestyles and the explosion of potential marketing channels via the internet of things, will change the course of marketing by the year 2020.

We believe it already has.

Recognizing that technology is playing a much larger role in how companies target, talk with and track customers, we’ve developed a new approach to the Five P’s of Next-Gen Marketing:


Who are you trying to engage? Customers, prospects, advocates, and adversaries are all important, but so are the relationships that they have with each other. Given the plethora of big data, we now have the ability not to just track audiences, but go beyond that to identify relationships among them and the degree of influence each has on the other.


For what purpose are you trying to engage them? The buyer’s journey helps delineate different needs, influences, and actions. But unless you’re clear on their purpose in relation to your purpose, it’s hard to map needs to opportunities. 360 data views make this not only plausible but actionable.


Many marketers get frustrated with the complexity of marketing automation tools because they start with the tool rather than their own processes. At Centric, we flip it – starting first by understanding a client’s processes – between sales, marketing and IT – and THEN develop the solutions and platform recommendations to make those processes work seamlessly.


As the market leader, Marketo has one of the most powerful platforms in the industry. They continue to work at reducing complexity, but many companies need help implementing and running it at scale. Centric’s Seattle office has the highest percentage of Marketo-certified developers, system integrators and custom solution providers in the Northwest. But as a platform-agnostic team, we also have experts on Hubspot, Eloqua, Exact Target and Pardot.

Price-Performance Ratio

Investing in a marketing automation system is not cheap. Fortune 500 companies can easily spend north of $1M for top performance and enterprise-wide integration. Maximizing ROI on that investment involves developing custom solutions and accelerator tools that help companies take full advantage of their platform investment. That’s what we do.