Decoding Salesforce AI:

An Executive's Guide

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming customer relationship management technology and Salesforce is leading the way. 

The complex Salesforce AI ecosystem includes new generative AI features and ongoing product development, adding to the complexity. 

Many executives are eager to explore using AI within Salesforce but need to make sense of it all and determine where to start.  

  • How to make sense of the Salesforce AI ecosystem and Einstein.

  • Which AI products are available now that you may already have access to and what they cost.

  • The differences between Einstein and Einstein GPT along with real-world use cases.

Join Salesforce experts to understand what Salesforce AI is, where it can be applied, and how to adopt it successfully.

In this on-demand webinar, we decode Salesforce AI for you and provide a framework to get started. During the webinar, you'll learn:

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  • Which steps to take for successful adoption of Salesforce AI while keeping security top of mind.
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Michael McNeal

Michael McNeal is a marketing technology leader and Dreamforce 2023 presenter focused on guiding companies to maximize the value of their Salesforce investments. Michael has 25+ years in marketing product development and project management. He's led efforts at companies including Toyota, Microsoft, T-Mobile and Expedia.

Sean Scott is an engineer with over a decade of expertise across marketing automation and Salesforce tools. His areas of focus include marketing automation, CRM management, marketing planning, data analysis and content management. Sean serves as an AI liaison at Centric Consulting helping companies and colleagues understand the complex landscape of Salesforce AI.

Sean Scott

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