Custom Development

We work together to ensure our custom solutions are properly designed to withstand the rigors of an enterprise environment


Service Overview

At Centric, we have diversified software capabilities. Our broad areas of expertise include:

  • Mobile / location-aware / cloud
  • All things Web
  • Java and Microsoft-based solutions
  • Old school and new school mainframe solutions

Our pragmatic approach and extensive experience allows us to make the right technology decisions. We achieve this through the following:

  • We stay current on the latest technology advancements including platforms, products and tools.
  • We’re comfortable extending, maintaining and further integrating the systems companies rely on to run the business.
  • To ensure project success, we’ve invested in various methodologies, frameworks and design patterns codifying what we know works best.

Our teams know how to work together to ensure the right solutions are delivered and that they are built correctly.

Service Capabilities

New and Emerging Platforms

Some of our best architects are currently building applications using the latest technologies, allowing an entirely new class of business models to come to life – think ZipCar, Skype, Groupon and Woot. This involves understanding the technical landscape, learning to apply new technologies and using that knowledge to help with ideation.

Architecture and Design

Software development is our craft. We take pride in our solutions and we design systems that are as scalable as they need to be, simple to use, fast and easy to maintain. Optimal architecture and design never stand still; technology roars forward and requires constant learning. Our investments in continual learning are codified in our tried and true “Design Patterns, Frameworks” and applied “Patterns and Practices.” The benefits are realized in applications built to be efficiently operated for the long term.

Application Development Management Skills

We can deliver a complete team or augment the one you have in place providing:

  • Technical Project Management
  • Technical Architecture Leadership
  • Mentoring, Coaching and Training
  • Software Development Life Cycle definition or refinement

Application Lifecycle Management

Of course, building software is more than just designing and writing code. We have established sound practices around the entire Application Lifecycle to ensure a long-running, maintainable application that can meet customer needs for years to come. Visit our Application Lifecycle Management page for more information on:

  • Functional Specification and Requirements Management
  • Agile and Traditional Development Approaches
  • Source Control, Configuration and Release Management
  • Quality Assurance

There are many other complementary Centric service offerings applicable to Application Development. Click on the links below to explore: