We’ve collected our top blogs from this past year. Read what you missed, what you loved and reflect on the past year with us!

Top blogs 2017 Centric Consulting

 Thanks to the hard work of our thought leaders for providing us with 224 posts of great content and exciting topics throughout the year. We know you’re busy. So we’ll help you catch up. Read the blogs our readers loved most in 2017.

Top Ten

10. Four Ways Marketing Operations Can Help Your Insurance Company

In the insurance industry today, change is constant. To keep up and stay relevant, insurers must shift focus to their marketing operations. Our National Insurance Practice Lead Chad Caldwell provides tips on how to stay on top of those changes with the integration of marketing operations.

9. 5 Signs Your Company’s Mobile App is Obsolete

Staying current and up to date is a necessity in the technology industry. Our thought leaders brought you this series on conquering mobile app fatigue to do just that. Be sure to read about the five telltale signs that your mobile app is ready for an update! Don’t miss the other blogs in this enlightening series.

8. Campus Recruit Spotlight: 9 Questions for Haley Hahesy

Similar to our Career Journey blogs, this spin-off series focuses on young professionals who joined our team right out of college. This spotlight features Enterprise Applications and Solutions‘ Technical Consultant Haley Hahesy who is based in Columbus.

We love these blogs because we get to hear about the transition from campus to Centric and why they chose to join our team!

7. Finding Balance as a Leader

Take it right from the words of the author, St. Louis‘ Technology Leader Paul Holway…

“Balance has a different meaning than work versus life. It’s less about a struggle between finding a way to get ahead in my career versus the desire for leisure time outside of work, and more about feeling rewarded professionally and personally.”

6. 5 Lessons to Be a Better Manager

Our Chicago team provided insight on how to be a better manager. Check out this female leader’s five lessons that she has learned over her time as a manager, which will hopefully inspire you to be the best you can be!

5. Cucumber Framework: How to Use It to Create Your First BDD Project

In this series, our Software Quality Assurance and Testing leaders walk you through applying the Cucumber Framework to lead your agile testing team down the path of automation.

Check out this blog and others in the series to learn more and get a full how-to-guide!

4. Centric Consulting + City of Cleveland: Unmatched Together

We invaded Cleveland in the summer of 2017! We get together as a company three times a year and for last year’s summer meeting we took over Cleveland. Check out all the innovation and fun we had.

3. Just Ask Why – A Simple Way to Identify a Business Process Improvement Need

Want a quick, easy way to identify areas requiring business process improvement? Here’s one: Just ask why. This is part five of a series about the path to process excellence. National PEX practice leader Tom Ujvagi discusses the importance of just asking “why?”

2. Three Critical Components of the Annual Project Planning Process

The process isn’t easy, and the right decisions aren’t always made. This blog highlights the steps and process to get the best results.

Jennifer Hill, an experienced consultant from Chicago, shares the importance of successful and accurate project planning. Be sure to check out the links to other blogs in the series!

1. Career Journey: 11 Questions for Boston Technical Lead Jorge Cotillo

Our Career Journey series is not one to miss. It’s a great way to learn about our employees and how they grew to where they are today.

In this blog, Boston Technical Lead Jorge Cotillo talks about how joining Centric was a career-defining moment for him. Jorge also shares his secret formula for a successful team project.

Happy New Year! We are excited to see what new topics and blogs this year brings us. Stay updated and follow us on our social channels!

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