It’s All In Your Attitude

Lesson learned: When faced with adversity, look on the bright side.

Recently my husband and I traveled to the Bavarian region of Germany, where we took a road trip through several cities and small towns.

We were a little nervous about our first time driving in Europe, but it turned out to be extremely easy with the exception of the rental GPS unit not recognizing the names of German towns.

On the next-to-last night of our vacation, we reached our hotel at the end of a long day spent touring Bamberg.

The next morning, as we loaded our things in the car, I noticed our bag of souvenirs was on the opposite side of the floor – in the back seat – from where I had left it.

My “Spidey sense” activated, and we quickly checked the glove compartment where my husband had stowed our tablet and iPod. They were gone. In the trunk, I had left a pair of tennis shoes, which had also disappeared.

We could not believe the car had been broken into just outside the hotel in a well-populated area. But we decided to look at the bright side:

  • Thankfully, nothing taken could not be replaced (well, except for our detailed travel journal on the tablet).
  • Better yet, we realized we had been burgled by polite thieves: They kindly left the GPS unit which we paid for with the rental car! They also left our souvenirs.

If the GPS or our souvenirs had been stolen, that might have changed our attitude about the incident. Instead, we were able to laugh and move on with our trip.

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About the Author

Kerri Cohen, a Senior Consultant in Chicago, has been with Centric for over four years. She trends toward system implementation projects where she helps the Business and Development teams work together to build the optimal product. Outside of work, Kerri enjoys travel and board games with her husband, Andy.