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I’m Not a Tech Company: Why Do I Need an IT Strategy?

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Steve Crone

Steve Crone

Steve Crone | Consultant | CIO Services

Stave is a technology and business-focused leader who has managed organizations and strategic initiatives in Fortune 500 companies. He also managed an engineer-to-order manufacturing startup that sold to Honeywell in 2016, after growing to over $1 billion in annual sales. Steve has a proven ability to implement and execute transformational technology solutions to meet enterprise business challenges, along with a broad understanding of all aspects of day-to-day information technology and strategic vision, which enables development and implementation of innovative enterprise technology solutions to meet short and long-term business goals.

Barbara Magella

Barbara Magella

Barb Magella is an accomplished executive with over 35 years of IT leadership experience.  She has managed all phases of software engineering and development, systems architecture, data architecture and strategy, process re-engineering and support services.

Since retiring in 2018, she spends her time in nonprofit leadership, and in executive and management consulting with Centric’s CIO Services.

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