Your information technology (IT) applications and infrastructure are probably among your largest and most important investments. Downtime, security breaches, and poor software integration can lead to lost revenue, unhappy employees and customers, regulatory risk and more.

In our new five-post blog series, our technical experts explore a broad spectrum of topics related to the health of your IT applications and infrastructure. From assessing your system to outsourcing IT services, measuring your risk profile, and analyzing your application architecture, we’ve got you covered—even if you don’t consider yourself a tech company.

The Series

Five Keys to a Successful IT Assessment—Conducting an IT assessment is a big job and one that often comes at times of massive change. Lou Hemmer and Paul Gelter walk you through the basics.

Assessing Your IT Risk Profile—Jim Conrady and Barb Magella offer a simple formula for determining where to put your risk management dollars.

How to Outsource Your IT Infrastructure—Your IT assessment may suggest outsourcing part or all of your infrastructure. Jim Conrady and Glenn Bitzenhofer help you decide what to do next.

6 Ways to Measure the Health of Your Application Architecture—Whether your architecture is where it needs to be or not depends on what kind of company you are. Mark Dorfmueller and Lial Thompson explain.

I’m Not a Tech Company. Why Do I need an IT Strategy?—These days, almost every kind of company—of every size—needs an IT strategy. Steve Crone and Barb Magella explore the benefits.